The aldcom has no direct rule of any land, it is the members, the Aldcomu, that provide leadership. All nations of Kexist are jointly overseen by all the members while each member is a ruler of their own nations. Ivaomuz is their base of operations.  


To make the governance of the continent of Kexist easier, they assign presidents to each of the nine nation of Kexist: Ezcom. Each city has a ruler too, the Nyezcom. The Ezcom are selected by the Aldcomu from a pool of options elected by the people of the nation. The Nyezcom are elected by elections of people who elect them. Each leader also has a group of other elected people (not chosen by them) that help with sertain aspects such as economic things, policing, law creation, criminal system, etc  


  The Alcom creates laws that all Aldcomu must agree to follow thorugh on.  


  The Alcom consists of two, and only two, member of every rela (see Creatures) species.  

To add:

Ezcom are just as powerful as aldcomu in the aldcom, though they do not hold the title. Kexist nations are a bit like Puerto Rico in that they really the benefits of the aldcom while still being their own people and get to disregard some things they may view as unfavorable (ex taxes)

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