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The Aldcom is an oligarchical governing body consisting of several nation’s leaders.

The Aldcom has governance over all involved nations and all Kexist nations. This is only by the fact that the members, the Aldcomu, are required to be leaders of each member nation. All Kexist nations are jointly overseen by all the members while each member is a ruler of their own nations, their Ezcom. The Ezcom have equal say in the Aldcom, though they do not hold the title of Aldcomu. See Native-Colonial Republic for further information of how the governance the Aldcom displays over the nations of Kexist.

Ivaomuz is their base of operations.  


To make the governance of the continent of Kexist easier, they assign presidents to each of the nine nations of Kexist: Ezcom. Each city has a leader too, the Nyezcom. The Ezcom are selected by the Aldcomu from a pool of options elected by the people of the related nation. Each Ezcom also has a nest of other elected officials (by majority vote of the people and ratified by the Nyezcom) that oversee certain aspects such as economics, policing, law creation, justice system, etc.

Non-Kexist nation leaders are just the leaders of that nation. If the nation is a monarchy, such as in the case of Soka, the leader is a monarch. They have their own systems and the results from those systems for leaders are the ones posted in the Aldcom.  


  The Alcom creates laws that all Aldcomu and Ezcom must unanimously agree to follow through on. The process of implementing laws is long, arduous, and fraught with pitfalls. Due to the naturally conflicting nature of the members, their wants and needs, few laws have made it through the system into reality. Laws can be made by each leader for their own nations, ones agreed upon and implemented by fellow members, but the law will not be recognized by the Aldcom. The major benefit to having a law recognized by the Aldcom is that it applies across borders (thus ensuring rights) and has more power than an individual nation’s law. THe power comes by way of the other nation’s ability to enforce the law cross-borders.

Aldcomu must deutifly appear in body and soul at Ivaomuz at least once a year in Ivaomuz. The topics of discussion are fluid, but this must occur. The idea behind this is to make sure all members are living, safe, uncorrupted, and within sound and unmanipulated mind.  


  The Alcom consists of two, and only two, members of every rela (see Creatures) species from each represented nation. If two nations have leaders of the same species, they may each share one of the two allotted slots. If there are three or more (which has yet to happen), the system will move from species-defined allotment to nation-defined allotment. While not the original intention of the organization, the growth of having multiple species in governments beyond Kexist has shown the need to allow for representation by nation rather than species. The current law for Aldcom members of non-Kexist nations is to have two rela represent each nation. Even if the nation has one supreme ruler, two rela must represent that nation. Ezcom are just as powerful as Aldcomu in the Aldcom, though they do not hold the title. Kexist nations are a bit like Puerto Rico in that they really the benefits of the Aldcom while still being their own people and get to disregard some things they may view as unfavorable (ex taxes)  

Member Nations

Other Nations
  • Haseh Hmti
  • Born
  • U:i:e:O:o:I:ta'u'
  • Ohpamga
  • Lifisau
  • Avifa
  • Fjakarker
  • Viuhrt
  • Soka
  • Lesyana
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