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Prime hunting grounds of the Isynx
contains Oak and Hevjaegr  


  One major structure of Fjakarker is the cliffside spanning further than they eye can see when staring it straight on. It towers over the lower part of the land, nearly three hundred meters in height at some points. The lower land of the cliff does roll, having some parts of the cliff faces no more than fifty meters.   There are portions of Fjarkarker where the land hollows out, creating layers. The layers are held up by thick poles of the land, looking like wide brimmed trees stacked on top of other wide brimmed trees.  


8 seasons: Young(a season in Fjakarker and the surrounding area where many creatures give birth), hunt (The best seasons for hunting), feast (Seasons of celebrations), spirit (Season of stillness), dark (Seasons of coming cold), dream (Season of frost), song (Seasons of growing warmth), unity (Season of sun)
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Prime Hunting Grounds


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