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Far's Influence

Lesyana, or north eastern glades, is where the Aldcom' Vinsel member, Far Shi-echen , is from.   Before far joined the Aldcom, the nation was near lawless. There were laws, but they a village by village system as they had no form of centralized government. They had long since thrown out their drake overlords, and each small village though it best to be to themselves, not wanting anyone to tell them how to live their lives. This surprisingly worked out, the vinsel that made up most of those villages having a fine time.   Upon Far's acceptance into the aldcom, he instated a centralized government. He did this to keep his position of power to better benefit the people of his village. Seeing that the system was not broken, he only made it by name, allowing each village to continue as they were.   As with Far's village, many had laws stating that if someone does wrong to another, the victim is allowed to retaliate with reasonable force.   Their money is tied to their village and don’t trade with each other, rather than provide for each other if another needs something.   If someone takes more than their share, they are brought before the village enforcer and is decided by a few villagers whether what was taken was fair or not.  


  Most of the land is covered in forest with many glades large and small. The glades grow shallow brushes of grass, a stark comparison from the thick overgrowth of the forest floor. The south-western border of the nation is swampland while the north-east is more hilly.  


The first season that lasts about a third the year is the Rise, when the plants of the forest floors grow back from the floods. The second season that lasts half the year is Overgrowth, when the plants cover the forest floor lush and green. The final season is the rains and floods. The days go by where the rain does not let up, and the forest floor becomes a shallow lakebed.


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