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Native-Colonial Republic

Native-Colonial Republic is broadly defined as an autonomous nation under the umbrella of a higher government with representatives from different nations. Leaders are elected by both the people of the nation itself and by a foreign power. The only nations that use the native-colonial republic system are the nations of the ezaldiv of Kexist (see Modern Places). As such, there is only one variant of The system.   The system comes mostly into play by a nation's Ezcom, or primary leader. The role this leader plays differs from nation to nation, some being presidents, prime ministers, and the like. The only stipulation is that the candidates for their leader must be elected by the people, no monarchies, dictatorships, or otherwise unelected leader.  


  Candidates are elected by the people, in whatever manner the nation wishes whether it be representative, direct, or some other form of election. After a number of candidates have been selected, three or more, the Aldcom pick one of the candidates to be the new ruler of that nation. As with all things the Aldcom must enact, all members must be in agreeance with who they pick. Leaders must also abide by limited terms, something subject to each nation, but cannot be for a quarter or more of the elect's species' average lifespan. This is the process in the simplest of terms.  


  Nations under the umbrella of the Aldcom are also guaranteed certain rights they must abide by, further described in the Lovunal R Rela. And while they do not necessarily have to abide by laws posed by the Aldcom, since the elected is only there due to their choice they often end up following greater laws presented for all nations of the Aldcom to follow. Nations under the Aldcom must also have open borders with one another, only restricting passage to foreigners of the Aldcom's nations if the nation so chooses. A portion of the nation's militant power and wealth are left open for the Aldcom to use; the Aldcom tend not to need to use these recourses but may if a war erupts. Aside from these few rules, nations under the Aldcom's umbrella remain autonomous.  

Aldcom Representation

  The first nine nations of Kexist, the ones who are subject to this governing system, have two joint representatives in the two Gheforis of the Aldcom. Though they have only two for nine countries while other nations have two representatives for just one nation. The species that represents all Kexist nations, the gheforis, are felt by most to be the most apt in their representation, a gheforis having any species as their host. They are, in a way, showing how the nations of Kexist have no one ruling species, that all rela (see Creatures ) species are equal. This, however, has sparked some controversy recently. That the Aldcom has such rule over them and they do not have a, comparatively, large say, has many people resentful towards the Aldcom. But the current benefits they provide, a healthy economy, protection, rights, culture, etc, holds many from thoughts of succession.


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