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Rela, or sophont life, are beings that have the capability of higher thought and deeper feelings. What separates them from oql is that are able to comprehend that they are. This is easy to tell in another as all one needs to do is read their mind while they contemplate the question of their existence. With non-rela, though they might know they exist, they are unable to question and/or assert it. Knowing one's own existence is knowing one's body and soul as one; to comprehend all their feelings, stimuli, emotions, place and thoughts as one.

It was mainly those of the Aldcom and their associated governments that had this as a classification of intelligence. As the Aldcom grew in prominence throughout the world, more and more peoples adopted the ideal, realizing that there was a definite line that, though hard to explain, was there to separate those of Rela and those of oql intelligence. Over time, more and more species were recognized as rela, later affirmed by the Aldcom. Unfortunately, there was a hitch with what the inciting rules of what defined a rela, a problem not even thought of during the conception of what it means to be a rela.

The Lovunal R Rela was the guiding manuscript that the Aldcom used to define a rela. regrettably, the clause defining what made a species rela left out a key factor, how many of said species must have the defining feature to be deemed rela. This came to a head when Far Shi-echen , a Vinsel , was found to be rela. It had long been established that the vinsel species were not intelligent enough to be deemed rela, their intelligence being that of oql. Other species had long since had the distinction, only obtaining the distinction when they came into close contact with the Aldcom. Far being a rela threw many preconceived notions into the air. After he was confirmed to have the distinction, a consensus was sent out to ascertain how many others of the vinsel species also were able to be deemed rela. Every other vinsel tested came back negative, far being the only one (that was tested) to be rela. After much deliberation, it was deemed that if any of a species was rela, the others would not be far behind in becoming rela as well, or having rela offspring.

As rela have a higher state of thought, they have been able to subdue their instincts and are non-violent with each other and many oql. Violence is now more of a result of differing cultures than differing species. Many find enough commonality with one another in one ethnicity that there is more of a threat from outsiders than that of the different species within their communities. This is not to say that there is not conflict between species, only that it is a lesser antagonism than outsiders.

As most rela are primarily carnivores, if not at least meat-dependent omnivores, they have violent tendencies. They also hunt all too effectively. Though Kald has an abundance of flora and fauna and there is the domineering effect of Natures Dominance , overhunting is still a large problem rela face. Overhunting has thrown many ecosystems out of balance, leading to more and more dangerous game taking the place of hunted creatures. In the face of dwindling numbers easy to catch food sources and the explosion of rela populations many rela have adopted agriculture, introduced by Humi , Vshawen , and Ayabba’aru .

Ø Rela

An ø rela is an an awoo or comoo that is intelligent enough to be a rela, and typically has rela ancestors, yet is thought to be a lesser being. They may be just as intelligent as rela, but due to their progenitors being of different species, they are grouped into a class all their own.   This is not true of every, or even most, governments but the Aldcom and most of its affiliated governments have ø rela abide by oql laws if they are of two rela, a rela and an oql, or two oql. Any awoo or comoo how has nel progenitors abide by nel laws, usually revoking them from many rights despite how intelligent they may be.

Awoo & Comoo

In kald, there is nothing stopping two or more oo of widely different species from copulating and bearing offspring, as creation of new life is a spiritual endeavor as much as it is physical (see The Soul for more information). Everything is made of the same base Reln ; because life is a combination of all those said reln, life can be generated from any other form of life.

Typically what happens when two different species try to conceive a child is that the offspring's body is unfit to be a proper vessel for a soul and will die before it gets too far into gestation. Sometimes this can happen early in the pregnancy or it can happen later, leading to a miscarriage. On the unlikely event that the child lives long enough to be born, they are always malformed. They become this way from the incompatible shapes of their parents, the child taking random aspects of each party whether it would be beneficial or detrimental to their likelihood of survival. If the child is lucky enough to come out shapely enough to survive the initial shock of being born, they tend not to live much longer outside the parent. Whether they die within a few days or a few years, very few live long enough to see childhood. There are, however, cases where the awoo or comoo are formed well enough to live well into adulthood, though this is an exceedingly rare occurrence.

Because it is unusual for an awoo or comoo to survive past infancy, and because they are deformed, awoo and comoo are despised by all forms of life from rela to nel. The unlikely nature of an awoo's or comoo's existence has rela, oql, and nel alike avoid interbreeding. Any awoo or comoo that come into the world are ostracized if not outright attacked by those around them. Even nel, however unintelligent they may be, are aware of how these oo should not be. This stigma against interbreeding has oo who upset the norm by committing the heinous act outcasted and reviled by those who know of their deed.  


Sapeint life, oql, are not quite beasts but have not crossed the threshold to be considered rela. Many oql are able to communicate with rela, some being smart enough to be indistinguishable from rela in common dialogue. Other oql are more akin to nel, barely able to communicate with rela and heavily reliant on their instincts. This leads to conflicts where a group of oql may ignore a social norm such as not hunting another rela or oql, or that they might try and forcefully manipulate another's thoughts to do something they desire.

Communities of oql have been known to overrun small rural towns, inadvertently restring the settled area back to the wild.  


Beasts, oo with little to no thought, acting with little thought or on instincts alone. These include all forms of life unable to communicate, from trees to wolves to microscopic diseases. The dividing line between oql and nel is not quite as well defined as that between rela and oql. For the most part, it is a case by case bases between each different law-making system of what species are considered nel and what are considered unintelligent oql. For the most part, nel are considered any species who inadequately communicate, either by their incapacity to learn more than a few words or their inability to use the words of another's language to portray their own thoughts.  


There are sicknesses that can cross between species as well as specie specific sicknesses.

The longer something lives, the lazier they tend to be (doing the same amount of important steps in one's life despite how many days/seasons/years those steps can take). An example of this is how longer living oo tend to mature more slowly. They do less day to day that doesn't involve their immediate survival, their longer lives letting them have more time to do nothing. Conversely, oo with shorter lives mature faster and do more things day to day (or night to night if their nocturnal).

Terms -

Kald: The civilized world.
Sophont: Able to foster higher thoughts and feelings.
Sentient: Able to converse with sophont beings.
Beast: Unable to adequately communicate with sapient beings.
Awoo: Offspring between and two different species.
Comoo: Offspring between any three or more different species.

List of Creatures


Ayabba’aru - Placodermi
Drake - Dragon
Gheforis - Zombi fungus
Humi - Human
Isynx - Polar Feline
Muzoval - Chimera
Roqbherg - Centaur
Solumkerd - Ground Elephant
Tsohtsi - Raptor of paradise
Vinsel - Cat-dog
Vshawen - Colony spiders


Alsow - Desert deer
Fairy - Tiny tricksters
Gorgon - Alluring serpent
Grunger - Níðhöggr
Urie - Goblins


Belfovk - Dire wolf
Bohbaegzjul - River terrors
Daich'chrain - Leviathan
Jackalope - Antlered hare
Jairoth - Will 'o Wisps
Kukuba - Bell Dog
Miftyanya - Mythical
Nreex - Phoenix
Ohbz - Symbiotic simians
Sohpes - Devourer
Tai'ibia - Abaia
Unicorn - Horned Water Horse
Wendigo - Violent Hunger  


Yug - Lonly tree
Estebyel - Crystal Plants
Renua - Vigerous Plant

Incomplete articles

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Spiorkalai - Spirit wolf
Tihn*g - Draconic


Ahtvlan - Burrowing oliphaunt
Capra - Shaggy goat
Dsohv - Demon
Fis - Bovine
Oonox - Smoke parody
Piechovodash - Sand worm
Pikila - Strange legs
Pupfitr - Armadillo cougar
Rogoldrok - Ogre
Siren - Enrapturing voice
Wgultash - Winged wolf


Chawur - Glowing mushroom
Shal Weed
Note on ages:
Many rela, through modern medicine, have greatly extended their lives from their typical limits. This is why there are huge gaps of age in species age ranges. The first number stated is the average age of death without medicine, the second is the higher extension of lives with modern medicine.





























To Add

  • Dogs, cats, horses, and even pigs evolved to have their tail raised meaning a sign of happiness. Wild animals have tails raised to show fear. This could be convergent evolution where the presence of domestication with humans had them evolve similar traits. This idea could be used for traits of the Rela species and even Oql.
  • Intelligent creatures tend to have less children. Trying to become more intelligent would mean either selective breeding, genetic engineering, or some other sorcery


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