Renua for vigor.
— Every Alchemst Everywhere


Renua is a staple of most body-affecting potions, being a mild stimulant and improving breathing. Many modern asthma inhalers use renua as a base ingredient, for example. But the properties renua gives potions far exceed that. It will make a burning potion hotter, blood thinners more potent, smell enhancers more substantial, and so much more. It mixes well and has virtually no drawbacks unless your potion shouldn't have any added known effects of renua.   The ingestion benefits aren't too shabby either. It adds a pleasantly pungent smell that has a slight sweetness. It also makes most potions easier to dissolve in mouths, a flavor additive with a taste akin to Jackfruit.


Renua, for how ubiquitous it is in potion brewing, isn't cultivated on any kind of farm. People have tried growing the plant in captivity for as long as people remembered farming, but it will either refuse to sprout or wither and die if transplanted. It can only be found in densely wooded areas growing near some fungi feeding off of dead trees. People have tried moving the entire tree, but the renua seems to be missing something that is required for it to live.   Due to the inability to cultivate, renua is harvested at parties during hot seasons by teams going out into the woods and picking them. Their usefulness has led larger companies to overharvest and ignore centuries of warnings that one must allow the forest to overgrow and burn at the end of the hotter months. These have been prevented to yield more immediate harvesting and immediate use of the plant without a care for future years' harvests. It's been a fairly slow dwindling due to the plant's tenacity, but the scarcity will continue to rise unless older techniques of slash burning are re-introduced.
Major Reln: Mur


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Aug 11, 2023 01:03 by Deleyna Marr

The lack of proper care for the forest is a real world concern as well. Nicely done.

Aug 11, 2023 14:59

Yeah. Specifically what was brought to my mind in making the article is the slash burn techniques indigenous peoples used in the Americas and how there was the whole smokey the bear "don't burn the forest down" that lead to worse fires.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.