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  are all hermaphrodites (snail sex where stronger party gets to be the male)
(Live in broods)

Their venom acts within minutes (so fast it looks like the creatures are turning to stone)

Also changes the color of the skin to gray (from the venom multiplying in the blood stream)
Their venom is a virus
Venom takes a long time to make, so they hardly use it.

Serpentine bodies with torsos of primary Rela of the area

Used to seduce by replicating hormones
Appearing like an apex predator scares others away   A serpent that evolved to have its upper body appear as a humi. With words of seduction, they lure their prey. Then they bite with their many mouthed hair to paralyze their victem.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

This species has multiple parents, only the first is displayed below.
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