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An Intermediaries' job is to protect towns, cities, and other settlements from the wild. Natures Dominance is a constant threat to everyone, and the Intermediary is the first line of defense.
  The job entails one to be able to protect a given area, usually one's home, from the wild. How an intermediary is to accomplish this goal is both up to them and to their protected area. It is the Intermediary who goes out into the wild surrounding their area and kill of dangerous creatures who made their homes, or just strayed, too close to the settlement. Most of the time the Intermediaries' job is to do things similar, to kill dangerous flora and fauna. This can be as simple as removing eggs from a nest, or as complicated as a full out battle with the dangerous creature.
  But that is not everything they can do to protect their settlement. If the creatures are smart enough, the intermediary can act as an ambassador for their settlement, sway the oql (see Creatures) to not harming their town. If the creatures cannot be conversed with, the intermediary may also curb the population or intentions of the wildlife outside the settlement.
  Because of the altruistic nature of the profession, intermediaries are highly respected. It is also because of this danger that not many apply to become an intermediary. Some settlements don't have anyone to valentine and must draft their people into the position. A smaller settlement is lucky enough to get one intermediary, where larger cities have legions of them.
  The job description, benefits, and payments vary from place to place, as near all settlements have at least one intermediaries. More well to do areas also have rules for who can become an intermediary; age, sex, species, and many more things play into these rules. The poorer areas aren't as lucky and will take who they can get, a lot of them implementing drafting systems to try and get someone capable.
  Intermediaries' often have a master apprentice relationship between new recruits and old hands. The master shares their knowledge of what dangers are outside and how to deal with each one of them effectively. This is also to help the newer members have a better chance of survival, as Intermediaries' have one of the highest death toles of any profession.


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