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Nreex, phoenix, fire bird, or whatever the people call them are a species of avian who's wings turn to flame when the molt, are plucked, or if the bird dies. Their beautiful feathers come in shades of mostly red with highlights or designs of oranges and yellows. They're about half a meter in height with two and a half meter wingspan. Males have long flowing tails that are longer than their bodies.
  Nreex are flighty creatures, keeping their distance from anything that moves after being still or becomes still after moving. They are hard to catch, as they drop their feathers that burst into flames to distract their pursuers. Other than a mother keeping watch over her nest, nreex keep their distance from each other. Nreex molting is dangerous for the species. If they are not careful, they might cause a chain reaction with their other feathers and burn up. Without their feathers they are unable to fly and are a very easy and open thing to catch.
  Nreex diets consists of the fruit of flaming plants. They pick the fruit out of the flaming petals surrounding it, dropping it and wait for the flames to subside. Then they take the fruit to their nest to feed.
  When they give birth, they die, bursting in a small pillar of flame to protect and warm the eggs until they hatch. Nreex hatch fully formed, flying off in different directions to make their own nests.
  A nreex feather is highly valued for its medicinal properties. The flames of their feathers have regenerative properties for many species. When a feather is plucked it burns away, leaving behind useless ash. But the flame held to a wound will rapidly heal the wound. People also put the feathers to their temples and the flames cure headaches. The healing properties work best with beings with more liquid in their bodies. Species such as the Drake or Vshawen have headaches that are seemingly unaffected by the feathers and the regenerative properties not nearly as effective on them.
  The feather can be kept as a feather when it is plucked by cutting while it is submerged in water. As soon as the feather meets air, it bursts into flame.
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