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If one comes across a lone Ohbz, they can rest assured an Isynx is somewhere nearby. Isynx and ohbz live in a mutualistic relationship, a family of four to six Ohbz living in the thick and long fur of the isynx. On a surface view of their relationship, the Ohbz get protection, warmth, and food; the isynx gets parasite removal, hair maintenance, and a better ability to manipulate the world around them. On a deeper level, they are family, a deep emotional connection between all Isynx and their Ohbz.



Each isynx have intricate braids to keep their unruly fur in check. These are done by their ohbz who, down their family line, teach the young personal braiding techniques. They also lift tasty ticks, ice leeches, and other critters that parasitize their family. And, in the case of a fight, they will tend to the wounds of one another and their isynx.

The key benefit ohbz contribute is their dextrous opposable thumbs. They aren’t the most intelligent or the strongest, but they can manipulate smaller items more aptly than even Humi. With a little instruction from their isynx and a joint effort for those larger jobs, they can achieve great things. For the isynx, they tend to mind meld with an ohbz on a more intricate task to help them achieve the goal. A simple task, like going to get something or unlocking a door, won't need such extravagance. However, watch and ward-making will.


Ohbz fur isn’t very thick, otherwise, they might overheat when in their hairy home. They will go out, occasionally, but will freeze in their frosty habitats if left out for too long. When an Isynx moves to a non-frozen home, they will cut their fur and their Ohbz will choose to ride on their “roof”.

Isynx will also get food not only for themselves but also for their family, Ohbz included. Their smaller family are omnivorous, so it’s easy for the carnivorous isynx to share some found greenery or fruits.

They are family, so if one ohbz is threatened, all will move to defend them. Predators beware, isynx aren’t only ferocious, but a rela. They will fight to their last breath for their family.
Isynx and their ohbz are incredibly in tune with one another. It’s common for mind melding to happen in both directions, something even partnered relationships are hesitant about. More than that, they share an emotional attachment that only mothers would be able to relate to. This is made easier for them by the special gland in an ohbz’s tail.

Anatomy & Morphology


Ohbz are small simians with long tails and short, thick fur. Their fur is longer around their faces, ankles, and wrists. Their fur coloring and patterns always grow to match their host isynx. If, such as in the case of finding a mate, an ohbz changes host, they will gradually molt and grow a new pattern to match their new family.

Dexterous appendages

Dexterous does not begin to describe them. With opposable thumbs and a tail that might as well be an incredibly long finger, they can easily manipulate multiple things both small and, well, slightly less small. Their tail is not only used to hold things, but also to get a better aural sense of whatever they touch. Just before the end of their tail, on the bottom, is a bald patch that has an aural-sensory gland. This gland secretes a mucus that enhances aural connection; a small glow permeates the mucus from a tiny light in the gland. They will use this to keep in tune with one another and with their isynx.


When it comes time for new ohbz, it will also be time for a new isynx. Isynx will pair off and one ohbz from each will transfer homes. They will mostly be warmly welcomed, depending on the individual, to their new home after some crucial contact with their aural tail-glands.

They will live in units of four to six, sex disparity relating to their host (more males on a male isynx). However, this is not a hard and fast rule. A newly born Ixynx will receive one to two ohbz from their parents, typically the most capable and ready to help the infinite grow.
What my ohbz mean to me? Well, they are my family, as anyone else could tell you. I am not one of those that consider athem pets, siblings, children, or friends. To me, Sirna, Fuuth, Vampyar, and Aru are a part of me, an extension of myself as much as I am an extension of them.

I had once nearly lost Sirna, once. I’d just gotten her a quite new outfit, a ruffled red petticoat with silver buttons. She’d wandered off, she’d always been adventurous. I saw her be bagged up by a rogoldrok. We were fortunate that they cook their food before eating, so we followed it back to its camp. It had a fire, some warmth we craved after so many days out on the hunt. I sent Vampyr out to make some noise, she was the most cunning and could get out fast. The oafish creature took the bate and I quickly broke Sirna free.

We ran, the rogoldrok in hot pursuit. I knew that all we would need to do is get back to the home, or close enough to call for help. But it was fast, we wouldn’t make it, I’d made a foolish childhood mistake.

This was not to be my end. That night, the Night Walker cleaved their head and whispered to me.
— Sigrni Kvisvir, current Hall Mother of Fjakarker
Genetic Ancestor(s)


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