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Dwelling deep within the chasms of southern Naru, far beyond where any sane travel, a terrible creature with an aura that may kill lesser willed lurks within the inky darkness. and if you survive the immense presence, there is the potential to become tainted with their imbalanced soul.


Not much is known about the Daich'chrain, let alone their full appearance. Only a few have been recorded to see one, far off in the distance, fewer still to have met one.


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Also known as leviathan, Daich'chrain are misunderstood by the general populace, they are
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not relegated to the sea. Bones northwest litter the landscape as
a rarity that millions go without knowing of their existence. However, the concept of the leviathan as a fantasy creature permeates pop culture, a symbol of mystique, greatness, and unimaginable might.

In fact, the Chora faith's deities are internally represented by an artistic approximation of the leviathan. The people of the faith believe these creatures to be a representation of their might, using the leviathan as a symbol for unimaginable gods... Chorma has had their
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heart kept sequestered away, still beating and warping Almut'alatl beyond recognition. The city is a reflection of their god, an architectural
depcition of the stereotypical giant sea monster.  


While the Aldcom have classified these creatures as nel, the esoteric of the world would strongly disagree, classifying them as absolutely Rela. This classification is meant for the common person, to inform them that these creatures exist but not much beyond that. They have no control over the dozens that exist if their counts are updated and correct.
Records far back in the Library are the closest I first came to understanding the Daich'chrain. They tell of a serpentine body that fades into he distance of the deep waters, its enormity unable to be fully perceived. You will not know of its presence until you can see it, far off in the distance, though you will only then realize its presence has been with you for who knows how long. It was not until Grandmother came for the favor that I... met one. I can't say more, my spine shivers at the thought of recalling the memory. I've never felt so small, so insignificant, so useless. If you give me further payment, I'll allow you to read my documentation of our... Conversation? On the Hatred.
— The Witch of Knowledge
Genetic Descendants


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Clever use of the spoiler text to change the meanings.

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Kriltch, arcanities not included.
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Kriltch, arcanities not included.