Imbalanced Soul

Not quite alive yet not absent, awezlu are any number of Creatures with one commonality, they have an imbalance between their souls and their bodies. There are two kinds of awezlu: entire species who are and are born as awezlu, and those who are made into awezlu after being born with a balanced soul.
  Beyond being born or being made, awezlu have two ways of having imbalanced souls. Most of the time this is a lack of soul (a soul whose size is too small to fit their physical form), such as in the Leviathan species. Other awezlu can have a soul larger than their body, such as the Fairy species. While this is mostly a trait of numerous species, there are instances where one can be born an awezlu while not a part of an awezlu species or, from one way or another, become an awezlu later in their life.



Any creature that has a smaller or larger soul than their form can handle tend to have complications that can lead to health problems or even death if the imbalance is profound. For awezlu species this usually poses no threat to their wellbeing, only that the need to be in communities with others of their species to balance themselves. If they were to be alone for a prolonged period of time, they could and probably would grow serious health defects. Health defects for awezlu can be any number of things. This can take the form of a physical problem such as falling into an endless sleep, inability to move their bodies, deafened senses, overstimulation, etc. It can also lead to problems with one's soul, such as psychosis, inability to grasp what is real and what isn't, aura noise, time reversion or acceleration, etc.


Most creatures have equal parts to their body and soul, these being called Noiduz (Noiduz meaning whole soul). If given the chance, an awezlu are able attach themselves to a Noiduz's soul to better balance themselves. This is not a thing done lightly, as it is irreversible and will forever change the lives of both awezlu and Noiduz. This typically happens one of two ways: an awezlu is caught away from any others of their species and needs to become familiars to avoid health complications, or they accidentally become familiars with another by either being around them for too long or by growing a deep connection without taking precautions.

awezlu are able to interact with Noiduz without becoming familiars, but they have to be sure to avoid prolonged exposure with a specific Noiduz lest they inadvertently become familiars. This is uncommon, but not unheard of. If an awezlu were to find itself linking with a Noiduz, they can remove themselves from contact with that Noiduz to remove the growing link. This allows them to come back into contact with the said Noiduz later, the abstinence "resetting" their link. Most try not to become familiars, to avoid the chance of doubling their likelihood at an early death.

awezlu are unable to become familiars with awezlu. To keep from health problems, the hang around each other to keep themselves balanced. Being around other awezlu keeps them in balance, sharing their strain of improper proportions of their souls with one another.

There are a myriad of effects of becoming familiars, the largest problem is that of mutual death. If either familiar dies, the other does as well. This is the main deterrent of becoming familiars, as there are a many great benefits to it too. Linked souls means that the two parties share thoughts, emotions, sensations, and more. The two familiars become dependent on one another, not by choice but by need.

Becoming an awezlu

While most awezlu are born as such, it is possible for any creature to become an awezlu. The most common method is to turn another into an awezlu by twisting their true name. By cutting away at someone, molding them with their true name, one can effetely remove pieces of another to the point that they become dependent on another.

Another way, though tremendously more difficult, is to directly chip away at another's soul. There have been numerous cases of hostages and kidnaped beings being forced to become an awezlu by their aggressor. In these special cases, the aggressor must be cared for in order to keep the innocent alive.

There are methods for making one's self an awezlu. If one were to force themselves into becoming a familiar with another, they by default are an awezlu, giving up their balance to be dependent on another. One can rip apart their own soul to become an awezlu as well.
  One's soul tries to stay the same as it was born, the base emotions and personality of the being heavily resistant to change. Thus, when one themselves or another tries to alter the soul, the soul will greatly resist.

Transmission & Vectors

Of a being with a balanced soul, either taring away their soul or bloating/adding/growing it to be in proportional with their body.


Having a soul that is either too large or too small for one's body.


If one's soul is lacking, it can feel as though balanced or larger souls are irritably alluring. If one's soul is larger, being around those with smaller or balanced souls can seem draining. These are very subtle sensations, and if one is unaware that they are an awezlu, they can unintentionally become familiars with another. But as most awezlu are either born as such, or that they go through such a traumatic event that another has changed their soul or they themselves have, it is very uncommon for one to not know they are an awezlu.
  Another may tell if someone is becoming an awezlu if they notice their aura changes or if they read their mind. As mind reading is a taboo in most cultures, and someone being forced to become an awezlu is often kept away from prying eyes, it is unlikely for another to notice the process while it happens.


Once one's soul is out of balance, there is no possible way of bringing it back into balance. Though many doctors and scientists have tried, there has yet to be a successful case of bringing an awezlu's soul into balance.


When becoming an awezlu from having a balanced soul, it is an obvious process. One is able to feel when their soul is being manipulated, often causing great spiritual pain. The line of when a being becomes an awezlu is quite hazy, most unsure of when the threshold is crossed until it is too late.

  When becoming a familiar, both parties being to feel and act in ways that they normally would not. The personalities, emotions, thoughts, and feelings of each affected party starts to leak into the other. But as with becoming an awezlu, it is quite hard to tell when the threshold has been crossed.

Affected Groups

All may be affected.


The only prevention to becoming an awezlu, only if you are not already one, is the soul's natural tenacity for balance and stopping whoever it is that is messing with one's soul.


They only way for it to spread is if a creature or group of creatures goes around and tries to alter a mass amount of peoples souls. This is highly unlikely to happen as once one felt attempt of one alter a soul is felt, there is heavy retaliation.


As far as anyone could tell, awezlu have existed for as long as life has. As long as there is a possibility for mismatched souls and bodies, awezlu exist.

Cultural Reception

Awezlu are treated as any other being would be. The only stipulation would be if an awezlu does not keep themselves in check and becomes familiars with others who do not wish to become familiars.

Terms -

Awezlu: A creature with an imbalance between their soul and body
Noiduz: A creature with balance between their soul and body
Familiar: A name for both an Awezlu and their linked Noiduz


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21 Jul, 2018 01:59

I like this concept. It's an interesting way to explain intelligent but inhuman beings and monsters. Is this the condition of every fairy and every leviathan or is it rare among these creatures as well?

21 Jul, 2018 02:34

It affects fairy and leviathan species as a whole. I may have explained it poorly, but their are species who are born as an awezlu and others who are made into awezlu.

21 Jul, 2018 04:58

Nice, that's even better then. This helps reinforce the idea that these species are otherworldly, and I like it a lot!

21 Jul, 2018 05:18

Thank you so much for the help!

21 Jul, 2018 03:08

An interesting concept. You say affected persons themselves can feel the process of becoming an awezlu, but is there a definitive external way to tell if someone else is one?

21 Jul, 2018 03:29

No, there is no physical way of telling. You might notice it in another from their aura or from their mind though. Thank you for the missing idea :D

21 Jul, 2018 03:14

I quite like this concept. So when someone becomes a familiar, both are considered familiars then?

21 Jul, 2018 03:27

Yes, exactly!