Great Koagn Library


The first building was built by a rich Drake royal who was more interested in hoarding knowledge than squabbling with others. He built his home in the roots of the great Kraor tree, hiding away from the world (this is very strange as Kraor are native north-westernto Whidlen). Unfortunately, he couldn't stay hidden from disputes forever, and after gaining so many tombs and scrolls his dwelling was laid siege and decimated. Many of his family, court, and residents were slain and much of his store of knowledge was lit aflame. His castle was let to ruin, forgotten to time.

This was until a vagrant band of Muzoval came across the building, half consumed by the tree still growing. They made it their home and soon discovered vast troves of ancient Haseh. What was lost in flames and distructionwas was only a small portion of the drake’s collection. But the tree had grown around parts of the mass, holding lost works until it’s death.

The muzoval that had stumbled across this soon became enamored by the great collection of works and knowledge, deifying their ancient procurer. The continued in his steps and obtained more and more to expand their new library.

To this day the descendants of those Muzoval continue to care for and build up the library. They welcome travelers, as long as they can impart on them some form of written work before they leave.


The library is attached, and partially overtaken by the world's largest and oldest tree. As the tree’s roots make the land around infertile to other trees, the building is made of stone. The tree sits atop a lone hill just on the recesses of grasslands. The elder wing, the part of what was left by the ancient drake, is home to the more important works. While the younger wing, newly built and expanding if needed, houses that which is open for all to peruse.
Fret not dear traveler, you have come to an oasis.
We will feed you, clothe you, and care for you.
But I must ask for one thing.
Personal experience, ideals, whimsy, it does not matter.
Written yourself, dictated, what you have on hand, it does not matter.
A short script, a tomb, or a series, it does not matter.
To let you stay, we must obtain some from of compensation of knowledge.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Koagn Oligarchy


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