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Anatomy & Morphology

Urie, also known as goblins, imps, and dirt crocs are black-furred creatures that have a habit of mischief. That is, however, what some say; it is spurred on by a few tribes that are known for trouble. Tough-skinned, they need their short fur as a buffer against the sub-surface's cold and more bitter winters.


They have six orange eyes, three on either side of their head, and each sees a different binary spectrum. The hind eyes differentiate between red and green, the middle: blue and yellow, and the front: orange and purple. Because of their knack for simple, yet dangerous, traps, they tend to lose a few eyes by the time they reach their elder years.


Like most subterranean creatures, their sense of smell is above the global average. They have scent glands all along the underside of their eyes, also differentiating different smell spectrums depending on where they are on their face. Very lightly, they have the ability to find prey through solid dirt and water, making them excellent fishers. Moreso, it makes them superb trackers and trappers
Crocodilian would be the best way to describe their maw, but their bodies are more closely related to a Humi hunched over. They can walk on their hind legs solely, but they will use their fore-limbs knuckles to hasten their pace for jogging or running. They have mildly opposable thumbs that they use to hold and create crude tools.


Living in tribes, they will die for their family, if running isn't an option. They don't like outsiders in their territory for too long, the scouting party quickly being wary of a presence, but they will tolerate. Some, if the tribe has a friendly history, will even allow guests into their homes for a night.

Tool Use

Urie have the capacity to make simple tools like shovels, spears, fire, domes, and most importantly, traps. They trap everything, the easiest way to catch plenty of prey from the best locations where the smell of high traveling is to the outskirts of their homes to prevent infestation / burglary. Moreover, while they can make snares, snap traps, combustibles, and wind-domes, they will use anything they can get their mitts on. This means, aside from the obvious trading for food, they will trade for Murn, even if they aren't yet able to reverse-engineer or reproduce most murn.


A tribe's stockpile isn't just the food kept for winter, but anything they deem useful. This definition of useful may be different for anyone outside the tribe, a broken ceramic bowl may be a treasure that has a punishment for thievery. In this way, they are like Drake and puts that at odds with them. Their lessened capacity for morality, moreso when concerning outsiders, will often lead to raids of a drake's precious and vast hoard. Fortunately for all involved, urie have evolved in the area of wyverns & serpents who make their nests in trees.


Omnivorous, their diets are comprised of fruit, tubers, grains, small creatures, and predominantly: fish. They have a hunting party that doubles as foragers, though small groups will forage near the village. They think by planning for their stomachs, always finding a way to feed the most hungry. This is why if you find yourself lost, an urie may try and bargain with you, more wanting to fill your stomach as well as swindle you free of your belongings, to put it nicely. Hunger is a vice that is not tolerated.

Mating rituals

While they live with their blood families in a village, they will pair off and mate for life. The Urie will raise one offspring at a time from birth to death. However, the rest of the village will treat a newborn as they treat their elders, as adults. It only takes a few years for an urie to reach maturity, only a year to reach their maximum size of 1 meter.
Major Reln: Kag

Ecology & Habitat

Urie evolved in the forested Ezaldiv of Whidyr near and around Mount. Witch.

In the Wild

Urie don't have the evolutionarily beneficial adaptations of claws to dig with, a la Solumkerd, the ability to swim like Piechovodash, or otherwise move earth as other subterranean. What they do have is ingenuity and a love of what water and earth form, mud. They use crude tools to dig through loose soil, break brittle rocks, and sift sand. When it comes to mud, they will play, play, and mold their homes. They aren't able to make new cave systems, but an underground lake with pre-existing tunnels will be coopted into their villages.

With Other Oql & Rela

Urie prefer to keep to their tribes, only sending out scouting parties, hunting parties, and trading parties. Their interaction, like most oql, is that of an outsider and civilized transience. Some tribes have attempted to assimilate into their local rela culture, but many factors, too many smells, harder lives, not enough space, misunderstandings, etcetera keep them on the outskirts or all together away. But still, the more intelligent species have many good things to offer, good things for trapping, playing, home-making, and so much more. But they won't give them up for free, at least not by their legality and removed from consequences. So the Urie trade, mostly bargaining with some tribes giving in to the use of the local currency. They also make their villages close by, typically underneath the nearest lake.
Genetic Ancestor(s)


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Jul 7, 2022 06:01

A different take on the goblin/imp. Not so much evil, as amoral, and driven by simple motives. Subterranian omnivores...I would think that they would cultivate mushrooms and fungi on feces and garbage piles. Such things would be easy for them but fungus is not occurring in the article. The mud buildings..are they brick, mud and wattle or some other form? How about furnishings? Do they perform metal working or mining in any form? Or is their technology more "stone age"? I really like the social interactions with others and amongst themselves.

Jul 13, 2022 18:37

Thanks! More stone age, but maybe some tribes learned metal working from other cultures, or at least have one in the tribe that has the knowledge. It's mud and wattle as opposed to brick. Their furnishings varies from tribe to tribe, and can consist of any kind of junk. They definitely would eat a lot of mushrooms, for sure. I'll add these ideas to the TODO list!

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The reasoning behind this species' sense of morality is quite intriguing. I would recommend developing that aspect further.

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Thank you. I may have to update their morality through a different article. It's not so much their species, though they do have their own moral quirks, but a grouping of intelligences. IE: they don't have the capacity for higher concepts of morality, like other can talk but not big smart creatures.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.