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The Kukuba is canine-like, filling that niche in north-eastern Isazol. They hunt like any other Wgultash, Belfovk, or wolf, creating packs of family to take down larger prey and kite smaller.

Their need for food is about the extent of their violence. They will raise their tail with fur long and in the shape of a bell, ready to wag it if they sense an opportunity for a giggle. When they laugh, a cackle infectious, they will wag their tail and create chimes with thick strands of fur rustling against one another. The chimes, for an aptness not lost on many, sound like a bell, signaling the coming of a good time.


Kukuba thrive on laughter, for themselves, for their pack, and even for other species. They will do anything, pull any prank, steal any bread, knock over any post just to get someone to let loose in mirth. This will lead to two effects on any civilized area beset by a pack of kukuba, either joy from the people at such funny animals or anger at the destruction of property, embarrassment, or general annoyance brought to the town.

A kukuba, once they sense another is having a good time, will get more and more extravagant with their gags to get more and more laughter. Meet one in the woods with warm intent and it will approach, knowledgable in threats and guests. They will gladly put on a show, not expecting any kind of payment, just to see a smile, tail wag, or other sign of happiness. This can't go on forever, so they will eventually leave, vanishing between swipes of tearful eyes.


No one really knows why they have this behavior, no one has wanted to study it for fear of the loss of magic. It's also not any kind of threat, so studying has a lower priority compared to dangerous animals like the Katozjen or troubling conditions like the abyss driven. Maybe some jester-durned zoologist may find the time, funds, and drive to find out what makes the kukuba's humor.
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Aug 6, 2023 06:20

Perhaps like my Spirits they feed off the emotional energy. Fun critters

Aug 8, 2023 16:58

They probably do, they wouldn't be the first creatures that do. Though, I think I want it to still be mysterious, just a fun little thing people don't think to hard about. Or maybe, they don't feed of emotions, they just like to have fun themselves (I guess more like how we laugh, rather than my world where you can literally "eat" emotions).

Kriltch, arcanities not included.