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Abyss Driven

People say I am Abyss Driven. I tell you I am not, I see the truth. It is not the ravings of the mad, it is coming, it will consume us all. I see it, it's everywhere, closing in on me, on you, on... It will not stop, Jassen, Fa'oon, it will not wait for you to finish your business. You do not have to believe me, no one does. But I know what I know and you will see the truth in time.
— Lief
  Those who dwell near the Ulinta too long find the abyss staring back. They will be driven to the abyss, some heavily succumbed to the condition finding themselves falling eternally. Others who manage to drag themselves away are forever altered in body, mind, and soul. For ease of language, they are called "mad". The truth is that they are corrupted, changed, no longer who they once were.  


The Abyss Driven no longer see the world as they did before succumbing. What they do see is unique to them, mostly. The condition is fairly rare, since it's common sense to stay away from the Ulinta, even plants and animals do so, leaving barren land for spans from the cliff's edge. But when two Abyss Driven do meet, they may find commonality with an observance of something specific. They may both find that the tree's whispers say the same thing, telling them that life is fragile and must be broken before it can be made into something stronger.


The hermit of medicine has taken in a few Abyss Driven, attempting to bring them back from the precipice. He has never been successful. He has learned a few things that were intentionally slipped to larger institutions. The souls of Abyss Driven have a peculiarity about them where they are neither alive nor dead, but a mottled combination of both. Attempting to remove the dead tissue will cause a fit in the subject that, if continued, will cause their souls to rapidly melt into the suzal, losing them forever.


The Abyss Driven view their affliction with reverence. They are grateful that their eyes have been opened when everyone else's is closed. they see the truth of the universe, or at least closer to it. The art they make will be chaotic, but carries a sense that something about it is more true than a portrait. The songs sung by Abyss Driven are haunting, bringing forth emotions that don't coincide with anything logical but will feel right. The lessons taught by the Abyss Driven will be non-sensical, philosophers claiming them to be encryption of some deeper message. Whether or not there is any deeper truth is yet to be understood.


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