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With antlers, a tall emaciated figure, sharp teeth, and claws stained with blood, the wendigo holds a fearsome visage. Stories still circulate in the rural areas of north-western Whidyr that they are creatures molded from the starvation of lost souls. Lost in the frozen jungles, a caravan will grow cold, isolated, and hungry. They are besought by wild spirits, taunted into a taboo. When they fall to their depravity, the spirits overtake them, morphing their bodies into reflections of their vile deeds.

Fortunately, these are just stories. though they are based on true events between the wendigo species.


Wendigo are not very intelligent, leading lives of the base necessities. However, they have a rudimentary form of communication among themselves. They live in isolated territories, stomping through the icy jungles, looking for one another.

When two wendigo meet, they perform a disgusting ritual. they will rip flesh off of one another, the skin of arms, muscles of calves, and finger tips, they will consume one another. They will do so with such fervor and anger from their aura, centuries told of horrible violent and cannibalistic creatures.

After the meeting, they may continue to take small portions of one another for however long they wander together. They will lose their bloodlust and calm down. Studies in the creatures have found that the anger they portray when first meeting is to remove any discontentment between the two while communicating, getting out of the way immediately so they can proceed in relative peace.


Observation of the wendigo has shed light on their disturbing form of communication. It seems that the consumption of the flesh imparts messages from one to another. The exact method is still unknown, it could be that they leave some of their aura in the still-alive flesh, that they enchant themselves, or that the parts that they eat mean something. The initial violent contact is avoided; some studies have tried intervening, but the wendigo will oose their fervor and cease their activity, leaving nothing to impart information to the outsider.


While the initial ripping and tearing causes harm, the wendigo have an uncanny ability to rapidly regenerate any missing part. Within the span of a few days, even an entire leg will be there once more with little evidence it had ever been missing. One would think with this ability, they could live long lives. On the contrary, the constant open wounds and the harsh environments they live in leave them with many fatal diseases entering their bodies.
Major reln: dax

Intelligence: nel

Dietary needs and pattersn

Wendigo are herbivorous, eating fruits, tree bark, and flowers. They scrape the bark with their sharp teeth and get most of their nutrients from the lichen and moss growing on the bark alongside the bark. Anything they can't get they will get from berries and specific flowering plants.

The markings they leave on the trees they consume have led to more rumors of their violent nature. Entire villages become massacred, evidence of struggles existing on the surrounding forest's trees. Their constant hunger displayed in their thin visage suggests that they will come to eat you if they spot you. They will throw you around, doing everything in their power to make sure you cannot fight when they rip into your guts.
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Aug 3, 2023 04:21 by Marjorie Ariel

Wow! The rituals between wendigo are indeed horrifying, but I love the completely different direction you took with this! I'm sorry that they don't live long :(

Aug 4, 2023 14:09

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun! They probably could stand to communicate in a different way, or to be treated by some naturalists, but that may cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Aug 9, 2023 06:16

Great twist on the wendigo mythology of our world! The aggressive cannibalstic communications and harmonization seen from outside- obviously dangerous flesh eating angry spirits! The overall image is really well carried out.

Aug 10, 2023 16:54

I'm glad it came out so well! I had a different creature grow from the idea of this one then eventually had to be made into a different species since it was so different from the source material. But I really like the concepts of wendigo, so I wanted to use them in some way still. Good to hear they do still have their place and the new conapts for them are fun!

Kriltch, arcanities not included.