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The Aldcomu are members of the Aldcom. As of 512 NK there are 22 members, two members of eleven different nations. Each nation is a part of the Aldcom must each have different rela (see Creatures) species ruling them. This is an outdated stipulation that many still hold to. In modern times, one must be a ruler of a nation, their species is irrelevant to their position.

Aldcomu are rulers in their own right and the nations they rule are stilla autonomous from the nations of Kexist. The only effect the Aldcom have on the nations of the Aldcomu are laws passed that all member-nations must follow (one major law is that war is prohibited between any members and their nations).

Aldcomu must agree on laws that they will all follow. As long as at least one of every member agrees on the law, it has a chance to be passed. After the initial voting, they take the law to their own governments to be ratified further. If it passses their systems, the law is put into effect for both Kexist and Aldcom nations.

Though they preach against it, there is rivalry and animosity between the members and their peoples. THe power structure is not even, some members have more sway, due to their political power of their own nations, than others. They each have their own agenda and their own people, causing divides between the members.


While not an absolute, as seen with Far Shi-echen, any member of the Aldcom should have some authority. The more authority they have, the better their chance of them representing their species. Nearly all who have gain a seat on the Aldcom were already rulers and leaders of their own nations, even back to when it was first established. It does not matter how they rule, whether they were elected to do so, or were born with the right.
  All the current members rule the same nations that their species had been since they joined. So, while it is acceptable for another nation's leader to remove one of their species from power and take their seat, this has never been done so since the Aldcom's inception. The nations with their leaders first recognized have had their leaders as members of the Aldcom since.
  A current, yet to be utilized, rule is that each nation must have two representatives. Each nation are of different species currently. But if that were to change, each nation will get representation.


There is only one requirement for being a member of the Aldcomu, they must be rela.


If species is already rela: Any rela species must first apply to become an Aldcomu. The current member go over the documents, meet with the potential members, then decide if they are worthy. Once all current members agree on them becoming an Aldcomu, there is a celebration as they are sworn in.
  If species is newly rela: the first being to be seen as rela is allowed to join as a member of the Aldcom. They do not have to have any authority. But as soon as another of their species is deemed rela that has authority, the other members will remove the first member and replace them with the one who has authority.


Their primary duty is to uphold the ideals stated in the Lovunal Rr Rela, to represent the peace and unity between rela species.


The Aldcomu must agree on an Ezcom, equivalent of a president, for each nation of Kexist after the people generate a pool of elected. The Ezcom's duties are similar to a king, prime minister, or president.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Aldcomu are removed from their position if all other members agree that they should be replaced. This usually takes place when the member is no longer ruler to their nation, either by their heir taking their place or their term coming to an end.
  Another, more absolute, reason for dismissal is if the member is no longer rela.


The Aldcom, and thus the Aldcomu, was founded by the Lovunal Rr Rela when both humi and drake ceased their war (with the assistance of gheforis). To show one another that their tireless fude was to come to an end, they sacrificed large portions of their territories to form the continent of Kexist. The Two humi leaders, the empress and her husband of the drake, and the elder gheforis and his assistant all agreed that they would work together to rectify the animosity between rela.
  Other nations they were allies with, nations they were enemies with, and neutral nations all saw this as blasphemous, breaking away from the humi and drake empires after kexist was formed, creating the many nations of Hasehak and Sornata that have shifted borders up to the current day. Both the nations of Born and Haseh Hmti worked together to mend the ageless wounds between their species, declaring to the world that all rela must work together to bring peace.
  Even though their power was diminished, the unity between the once great empires was still known and had great influence all over kald. With their declaration, muzoval, tsohtsi, and solumkerd all came to be apart off this new, less dangerous, alliance. After the verification that the leaders of the nations that wished to join, as advocated for and implemented by the elder gheforis, three more nations had joined.
  Over the years more rela species came to be a part of the Aldcom, and the initial treaty had many additions and amendments to it. It was not a hard choice for nations to wish to be a part of the Aldcom, for they would not only gain the benefits of having open trade and alliance with other very powerful and wealthy nations, but also remain autonomous with their laws, culture, and ways of life being negligibly affected by their membership. What changes they did implement to their nations they had to agree on first, no law passed by the Aldcom would be passed without each members approval.

Cultural Significance

They are the foremost powers of the world, the laws they create and the alliances/enemies they make having affects all across kald and beyond.

Current members


Drake from Haseh Hmti

Queen G*guh Kiha
D*gliis Kiha (male)

Humi from Born

Koishaoth Paetrintai (female)
Henri Paetrintai (male)

Gheforis from Republic of Kexist

Elder Gheforis
Kai Ynepyoq-Aozrau

Tsohtsi from Oo:Oh:Ee:Eh:Tee

Oo;Ah:oo: - Eh;Ih;Eh:Oh: (female)
Oo'Oo'Oh'Ih'Eh:Ee; - Eh;Ih;Eh:Oh: (male)

Solumkerd from Ohpamga

Weruum Shurfaais (male)
Praaf Saadshiri (male)

Muzoval from Lifisau

Ka Maxjih (male)
Duujo Maxjih (female)

Ayabba’aru from Avifa

Tapaehaesti Ginpa'nan (male)
Vivra'mal Ginpa'nan (female)

Isynx from Oak

Aiksr Kvisvir (male)
Sigrni Kvisvir (female)

Roqbherg from Viuhrt

Drighaur Nauzchpev (male)
Fauzold Nauzchpev (female)

Vshawen from Soka

Phora Igeksudja (female)
Phora Suprtk (female)

Vinsel from Lesyana

Far Shi-echen (male)
Muzi Nuyiiv-Noif (female)

Lovunal Rr Rela
Source of Authority
They are kept in power by the other members of the Aldcom.
Length of Term
A member stays until they are voted out or die. This most often happens when the member is no longer a leader in their respective country, either by usurpation, their heir taking over, or their term coming to an end.
Past Holders
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