Elder Gheforis

I had been in hiding for thousands of years, watching the world change around me. I was unable to move or talk or let my presence be known, I had been forgotten. New memories replaced older memories, time turned to a haze of thoughts. That was until two powerful being clashed above me. Queen La beauty of all and Valth Efoth the slayer had brought massive armies to war atop my resting place. I was unable to say anything, only watch as I had been for all these years. Tens of thousands died, this was the way of the world was, some things never changing.
  Efoth had pressed a charge to Queen La's encampment. Queen La came out to counter this move, their clash banging loudly right above me. Queen La, for all her guile and seductive strength could not defeat Efoth. Efoth had thrown her from the sky, her crashing through the roof my resting place. The intimidating man stood over the helpless drake, ready to slay her as he did so many others. I had not seen light in ages, seen any living thing in too, too long. My spherical prison held me inside, and kept others out. I had only a passing reference to the world around me, only slight sounds and passing minds. My eyes did not work, or did I not have eyes, I could not remember. But still I sensed the light, felt the heat of the two so close to him, discerned their heavy emotions.
  Before Efoth could bring death to his adversary, a death that would have meant humi dominance for many years to come, he stopped. Tempests of rage still filled the cavern, each party ready to kill, but none did. Efoth and La exchanged silent words, somehow the I knew they were about me. Their rage abated, Efoth crossing the small hole to bring himself close to my immobile self. Why had he felt it so important for this him, this emperor, this murder to cease what he was doing; let such a dangerous foe live on behind him, his back turned. Why.
  Efoth bowed to the me, speaking the words of his modern tongue. Behind Efoth, La came slowly, crawling on shattered limbs. She did not attempt to bring down her enemy while his back was turned, she did not do away with this insignificant creature she so loathed. Instead she too bowed before the me, uttering words in her modern tongue so different from Efoth's.
  After giving their words, each bowed silently before the me. My mind swam for answers. I tried to speak, something I had not done in such a long time. Could I remember how to do it, would I even be able to. Words came from me. From where, I could not tell. Ancient words of my tongue, words forgotten by the world was heard by these two. They both shivered.
  Was I a god? No, any god could will himself to move, any god could speak to these people in their tongues, I was no god. I reached for their minds, easily grasping them as they put up no gate to resist. They did see me as a god, my form depicted in each of their ancient myths and legends.
  What fools.
  Fools that would stop their fighting, stop their killing, just because something looked holy, something that could not move nor speak properly. Still, I had been exposed to so much bloodshed brought by these two, their ancestors, their entire species. I had not had a plan since I was bound, I had not thought to think for himself in eons. It slowly came back to me. I decided to do something about the senseless bloodshed. I might not be a god, but that was for these two to find out on a later date.
— The Elder's Journal
  It was through the Elder Gheforis's interventions that the two emperors of the greatest nations in the world made peace.
The elder gheforis is a AwUharl (see Ghoa). One of Elder Gheforis's nya is distant astral projection, something he grew to incredible heights in his isolation.
  The Elder Gheforis has lived for longer than he, or anyone else, could remember. The world had mythologized the creature he had taken over, other has forgotten them all together. Even he cannot remember his name.
And he abandoned the world, climbing high into the sky, far above the clouds, and nothing was ever heard from him again, accept for the sound of his great bells.
  Elder gheforis's spherical body. He is unable to move on his own. He never gets sick. He and no one else knows what species he made his host, the seems to be no remnants of the host left yet he still lives.


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