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Republic of Kexist


Kexist, the youngest major power on the map, had borders disputed for centuries. It was on the dusk of the The Great Drake Humi War that modern borders were agreed upon, and the nation was born. Its sibling, the other nations of the Kexist ezaldiv, are replicas with their base model the republic in structure and governance. In fact, all other nations could be considered a kind of state of the republic. The structure of the Native-Colonial Republic ensures that any major actions taken in the Republic of Kexist will permeate to the other nations. The original and primary two rulers are Haseh Hmti and Born, all ruling nations in the Aldcom have the end-of-the-line rule of the republic.

Due to being birthed by two world powers, Kexist came out of the gate with influence. One of the more important influential changes it had on the world was the introduction of a Currency known as Fuur. The currency in form and function dissolved in the solution of the economy, exchanging metal disks, paper receipts, and straight-up captured light with a unique fire that neither dwindles nor causes pain. The flame, of various sub-divisions with different conversion rates, can be split, joined, dropped, and swallowed with relative ease (the last item is not recommended). The flame represents a unified store of jyk (the element that contains light) between the owning nations.  


Kexist, as a people and a place, was built on the idea of unity. Two great powers fought for centuries, dread, disparity, and prejudice will linger. However, through clever use of propaganda, and a whole heaping amount of militant/political/social/economic power, they portray themselves as the haven for all who want to live in peace with others. It does not matter if you are Drake, Humi, Muzoval, or Vshawen, you will have equal rights, opportunities, and accommodations. Laws extend to either larger buildings to afford larger frames (or to include a ward that changes the size of any who enter to be roughly equivalent), rooftops and branches that afford to land flightful creatures, roads that parallel streams (and bodies of water in most buildings), class-wide mandatory patronage accessibility, and much, much more. But despite the huge leaps in universal acceptance, there is still a lawful prejudice against any creatures not deemed rela (sophont). @faires, Nauspara, Alsow may be refused access to buildings at the behest of the owner, do not have the same rights in criminal charges, and can/are treated poorly by plenty of people.  
... Loth, though I was raised by Grandmother Wayfarer all over the world. The reputation isn't entirely accurate, it fits the bill if you were to visit and live there. I've never felt so insignificantly mundane living there. I could do anything I wanted to without struggle, even without pulling any strings. Not that I want to go to jail for accidentally starting a fire without a trial, but there's something thrilling about having to fight in a place that, by its nature, doesn't like you. That's probably just me. But it's not just that, the whole place has the weird sense of, how do I describe it, a need to let the world know they exist? It's not quite nationalism, but the architecture and the people will, in some way or another, let you know where they are from. And, because their identity isn't as unique as they want it to be, you'll be able to find any kind of food you could wish. Currys, all kinds of cheeses, coals from raspberry to bora, that special kind of drmiĆøzlk that will burn your mouth for days. Hey, I've got things to do. later!


Kexist has one of the highest populations in the world; the current census has the count estimated at 150 million legal sophont residents. it also has the highest concentration of sophont creatures in the world and even the highest concentration of oql. Many people have built strongholds against nature in the form of cities, the most important being the capital of Loth.

The Republic of Kexist, among its ideals, has a strong and welcoming presence of nomadic peoples. Any city you visit will have a partition dedicated to those on their way through. Inns, hotels, and taverns would be the obvious speculative wants, but there are entire housing fixtures, common areas, buildings, and markets dedicated to pop-up businesses, and even greeters meant for transitivity. Don't ask any natives of any place to tell you about these areas, you will get the cold shoulder. Enter one of these areas, however, and you will be welcomed with warm feelings and warm drinks. Many nomadic peoples have made the nation either a stop on their migratory path or stationed most of their travels in the nation. Some of these groups find themselves in the city so often, they become familiar with the locals. One boon most like to distance their knowledge of is the special tax rate nomads receive. They are treated as citizens but with a more exorbitant price of living.

It is not only the nomads who find a partition of every town but immigrants as well. It's curious how many high-immigration areas happen to be close to the nomadic section. Regardless, the stories of prosperity and equality Kexist exudes have brought thousands into the fold. The booming population also brings in a mix of cultures that are bound to meld and fight. The Chiran and Soakk people, for being on opposite ends of the world, normally would not have any grievances with each other. But when they are living in the same city, beauty ideals lead to disgust, leads to animosity, leads to a few insults thrown, leads to rocks thrown, leads to... You get the picture.


The entire border is one long continuum of water. Borders tend to have rivers or lakes as stop points, but the three rivers and three lakes make perfect borders for a sizable nation that is, for past want, a great defensive area. Internally, the nation is divvied up between the lake side of the Ataker Mountains and the forest side.

As for defining features, the republic has majority ownership of the World's Crown and reaps heavily the benefits of its harvesting. This is primarily where the nation gets its funding to have such a forward-thinking idealistic living. Without it, it may be just any other nation, backed by two world superpowers. With it, it's an unbeatable force that dominates the collective socio-memetic minds of all of Kald.
Geopolitical, Republic
Related Ethnicities
One culturual nomenclature that's become commonly adopted are the titles:
  • Ku: someone who is a superior
  • Ka: some who is lesser or equal to in status


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