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Many nations weigh their wealth in the amount of jyk (see Reln) they have. Normally, jyk is high in the sky or apart of the Sakzyg Oiov, as the ground pushes it away. but there are tiny bits of jyk within other things, trapped to the ground. they harvest this jyk, and use it to trade for goods and services.
  Because jyk is so valuable, many nations crated banks to keep the jyk (Light ) safe, giving their population representations of the jyk that they should have to buy and sell with. Kexist nations use fires to emulate the brilliant shards of jyk that they represent. Other countries use different items that act as representative currency, using the items to trade with while keeping their actual shards of jyk locked away (such as metals and gemstones).  


Though the Aldcom heavily endorse the fuur many more beings use oif as a currency. Fuur are pebbles of golden fire that can easily be molded together or taken apart. 1 fuur is 1 cm3 of the golden flame. Oif is similar to the fuur, but with crimson flames with maroon accents within the flame. Other nations of Kexist use different colors of flame, all with the same consistency and attributes.
  As with most other currency, the oif is backed by Kexist’s amount of jyk they have. Each currency of kexist was originally created by nations that no longer exist. After the aldcom established new nations, the old one's jyk was accumulated by the aldcom. The nations did not get rid of their currency though, the currency being represented by their portion of jyk within the treasury. Upon the aldcom's instantiation of their own currency, the fuur, the people who had used the older currency refused to accept it. The alcom has been slowly trying to phase out the older currency's, yet with the less of the currencies that are within the market, the more valuable they become. And the banks that keep charge of those currencies become richer, able to print more of their currency to generate more money. The aldcom cannot do anything about these banks due to their limitations in power. It is up to the nations of Kexist themselves to try and rid themselves of the banks, but they make so much money that many choose to let them keep going.  

Current conversion rates

1 Fuur = 1.42 Oif (western crrency) (Red fire)
1 Fuur = 1.18 Øn (northern currency) (White fire)
1 Fuur = 1.27 Fuhch (eastern currency) (Green fire)
1 Fuur = 1.02 Alfuh (Southern currency) (Black fire)


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