Sakzyg Oiov

The Sayk (sun) and Zuyg (moon) are two halves of a ring that encircles the planet. The Sayk is the wider side of the ring while the Zuyg is shattered and what is left is much thinner. Because the Sayk is still whole, it is much brighter than the Zuyg.

While the Sayk is whole, the splintered fragments of the Zuyg, Shvin, are scattered across the sky. During they day they are invisible, the overwhelming might of the Sayk blots them out. But during the night, when the feeble Zuyg lets darkness permeate the land, the Shvin twinkle through the shade.

If you live on the west side of the Rot Saegri you will be unlikely to see the pole of the Sakzyg. But even there the effects of the poles can be felt. Many creatures live their lives by the seasons the Sakzyg brings, having seasons to breed or deities to worship. While there is jyk on the world, the Sakzyg is pure jyk and there would be an imbalance between jyk and bil if it were absent. It being the thing that keeps darkness from enveloping the world.



The movement of the axis (relative to the planet) of the soluar ring is what makes seasons possible. One pole is over Ovald while the other pole is over the far south-east sea. Over the year the pole over the sea comes closer and closer to the south-eastern end of Deruglen but recedes before scorching the land. They call this pole the equinox.

Seasons differ from area to area, having different effects and different lengths from one area to another. Much of Yassa Fossa has their main seasons of wet, growth, and decay, with decay holding almost half of the year and having daylight lasting days. Other areas see the seasons bring storms, fires, and endless gusts of wind.

The Aldcom have divided the year into six seasons: Noorz the dead season, Nwoxrz silent season, Aoorz the birth season, Eeyrz the growth season, Kerzrz the breeding season, and Eekrz the dwindling season.

Noorz is when the pole is far over the ocean, having days last shorter. Nwoxrz has the pole come closer, and Aoorz has the pole nearly reaching its apex. Eeyrz is when the pole is closest to the land, and Kerzrz is it falling away. Finally, Eekrz is the pole approaching its farthest point only to repeat the cycle.


Tides work with the Sakzyg's pole and are pushed away from the day's might (and from the pole having seasonal tides)



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