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Light - Jyk

On a scale in which any further perception would yield no new results, Jyk exists as one of the building blocks of the universe. Jyk is the Reln that attunes the closest with the Aoreln, Suz, time & soul. But it is only a part of the Aoreln and professes itself in distinct ways with a clear delineation from both other Nureln and Aoreln. Because of its positive effects, rarity, usefulness, and value, it is one of the reln much of the world uses to represent goodness. It, however, has no such concept, merely perpetuating reality as one part of the whole. It has eight identified aspects and makes effect on the world in these understood ways:  


Time is a spiral and the point of that spiral that Jyk is, is the crest: It is the top of time and the slightest points of rise and fall. While the denizens of Kald, at least a few of them, have an above-average awareness of what time is. Even the highly knowledgeable do not fully understand what the representation of each Nureln has on time. One, however, has this inkling of what this aspect could be defined as:
It would be too long to go into all reln and their part in time. One thing I’ve experienced is that if two times converge at the apex or on the same reln, they are more likely to affect one another. I suppose that’s the law of attraction. The easiest thing to understand is this: when two times are both in sync, both reach jyk, they have a higher likelihood of converging or creating an object like a Trivis. Jyk’s aspect of time also affects how all objects “below it” will change in the next instance of the universe, or what follows it. It is in a state of potential energy, where Bil would be kinetic and all other Aoreln would be between those two states. It is a readiness for all, an illuminating force for the future.


When a sensory organ evolves to interoperate the aspects of reln, Jyk's sensation aspect is what triggers. Hence, the sensory organ will utilize a chemical with a large amount of Jyk present to pick up on its push force with other elements to perceive aura. However, all sensory organs will have some kind of chemical makeup that uses this aspect of jyk to interpret the world. When talking about a sense of itself, the experienced perception is of aura.

Aura is affected highly by the two other subreln of Suz, Wox & Mur (motion and emotion). As such, when experiencing an aura, or literally the density of the Suzal or all soul, one can interpret emotion a motion. They can identify how an aura’s position has changed in the universe and the predominant emotion or reln aspect of emotion that is being actuated.

Aura will mostly be perceived as life, as that is the highest density of soul. Everything has an aura as everything has soul affecting the physical, so a highly attuned perception of aura can sense things that aren't currently alive and even spirits. And because it is the density of soul, it can be acted upon to change its property. The most common form of this is when an individual expresses an emotion either intentionally or unintentionally. But it can also be affected by reducing or increasing its presence, or changing its shape, astral projections, and more.


The form, or state, of Jyk is to present itself as a differently shaped presence in the universe, ever-changing shape. It will expand to take up as much room as possible, but that space that it encompasses will change not only by the presence of other reln, but by its own property. Liquid, nep, will take up a space and change its form to fit the environment around it and only move if given ample opportunity or reason. Plasma, Mur, will take up any empty space but has so much movement that it will not fill a space before it is somewhere else. Jyk is beyond that and will both immediately fill a space as well as have so much motion that it will never exert pressure on a space. It will take up space because it exists and it will do so in a way that does not exert much pressure on surrounding reln. A chemical makeup that attunes to this aspect will be difficult to handle or contain and is generally subbed in favor of Electricity.

For further reading, please refer to the item of Light - item


The motion that Jyk enacts on itself and pressures other reln to perform when traveling through time is to roll/spin/turn. When reln are within a larger presence of Jyk, they will turn on themselves or rotate within the rolling Jyk that surrounds them. They will continue their own motions, as reln will do. In the small presence of jyk, subtle rotation will be added to the current motion of the object. Object is used for simplicity, but technically the motion affects a space, which may or may not be a physical form that can be identified as a singular object. But unique items of the physical, due to their chemical makeup, tend to have a space-affecting motion relegated to the space of the object.


The emotion produced and sensed by Jyk is joy, happiness, mirth, etc. It is described as a general feeling of wanted energy, the opposite of anxiety and fear (not a lack but would be directly diminished with the introduction of a kind of fear). This aspect of the reln is volatile and when actuated (actuated meaning expressed due to either a chemical reaction or life exerting its will) will more readily give way to other emotions. It is also easy to return to, a readiness emotion that wants to have further actions done around it. When identifying this aspect in an object without life, the emotion may invoke a feeling within life around it. On rare and densely actuated events, it may evoke emotion in other inanimate objects, which is observed in the world as objects subtlety shifting as though they had an influx of Jyk into their chemical makeup. Inspection proves this is false, just the latent Jyk in the object acting in accordance with a stimulus.


The physical presence or color in the world is yellow. Like emotions, colors are indescribable to one who hasn’t experienced them. In matters of the property of Jyk, it is the physical presence of itself that is perceived by life as yellow in a pure form. In the technical sense, it is the physicality that jyk professes on the world, the aspect interacted with its opposite Bil. It can be easily perceived as sight is one of the most commonly acute senses in life currently. And, due to the form jyk takes, little of it can go a long way to make a chemical express its color. This is naturally used in evolution where plants attune the color to attract more jyk for life-sustaining energy for the Saykzuyg; it also means the rarity of jyk on the planet does not prevent an abundance of yellow pigments.


The shape that jyk will fall into if given enough space or amount will be a torus. If there are minor traces of other reln, they too will adopt the form of the torus in addition to their own natural state and the state of all other reln nearby. This leads to most forms being what the pressure around exerts them into (like pressing an ingot into a shape) rather than what the reln naturally wants to form as. The torus is also a shape that is highly unlikely to form as the center will not have jyk. And, since there isn't any part of the universe that contains nothing
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I sometimes wonder what it would be like to experience. For now, I can only surmise by the reactions of those I watch
, other elements will take the space between jyk, disrupting it from its natural form.

People aren't sure how, but the shape of a reln somehow affects their bodily makeup. While not every life-form has a nervous system, those that do often find it is what the reln has most influence in chemically. Practically, this means that nervous systems are ring-like in some way, often regarding the location of the sensory organ for auras, and help move information throughout the body.


The element aspect of Jyk is light, or the metaphysical concept of information. Light, in chemical makeup, gives "information" that encodes an outcome to dictate what will happen. For example, if a phosphorous compound is destined to touch water, it would lead to an explosion. Light can direct that reaction to change the rate, size, direction, brightness, chemical outcome, amplitude, perception, etc about the explosion. Other elements act with one another to make chemical reactions and their introduction/use/actuation in a chemical reaction will change the outcome. but it is the property of light/information that enables this to happen. Without the presence of light, the reaction will never reach the apex of the time spiral, thus be halted in time, and thus never "react". One would think that if all other elements are present, the reaction can make it through most of the spiral; it is Jyk's position as the potential of time that will dissallow this from happening. It also means that things far to the core of the planet react slower, with the billowing shadows within taking hundreds of years to complete.


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Dec 13, 2023 08:22

Wow, very deep and complex and is not "light" as a candle or lantern, or even electric lights. Really just Jyk and the effect called sensation. This just requires re-readinga nd much cogitation and reflection.

Dec 13, 2023 14:56

Thank you! I'm glad that it can be understood with enough thought XD As a side note, the product of a candle/lantern/electric "light" would be mur, not jyk. Jyk would be present, but in tracer amounts. Mur, due to the push force, would push bil away allowing for "sight" of an area.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.