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Not discovered yet

Defza, family name irrelevant, is the first and currently only being to be an Anooharl in recorded history. His mere existence is a fluke of nature, though his person is nothing exceptional. It could mean that life just is or that faith shall be rewarded, only time will tell.



With an auspicious birth, defza entered the world with a reverberation that sent ripples far and wide. Immediately, he was whisked away, never to know his birth parents. THey, like many, would be lost to the annals of time. He, however, had a future promised to him. The choice was made for him, he would join the ranks of the -------.

The child is an omen of things to come. In my time and in the now, there has been no one like him. I have no portentse of what is to come, what this means for the world, though my hope is that the doom is for the betterment of the world.


The choice was deliberated for the weaning days, made after he began to babble, Grandmother Wayfarer would be his guardian. The lady, who taught him morals, culture, language, and how to live, first saw it as a task. But as he talked, began to walk, have ideas of his own, and grew, she loved him. It was a typical adoptive fare, a few asynchronous ideas between two different species, a Muzoval of four legs and wings teaching a bipedal Humi bodily functions.

They lived away in her cottage, far in the backwaters of Nov. The closest village was two days' ride, no more than one hundred residents. He had all the time to explore his surroundings, woods and ancient stone being very exciting with all they had to offer. Toads could be played with, deer stalking a pastime, plants to whisper with. It didn’t take long for him to grow lonely.

Fifteen and a half years after his birth, when he was about five, Grandmother Wayfarer’s, Granny to Defza, the call became strong within them both. The time had come to set forth into the greater world. As was her wont, Granny itched for travel, her soul never still. Defza shared her enthusiasm, smiling wide with each new vehicle they boarded. Trains, skyships, undersea monorails, wind tunnels, teleporters, all let them be wherever their hearts led them. At first, it was Granny who decided their destination, then, for his eighteenth birthday, at the age of six, he wanted to go see the capital. He didn’t realize his ask at the time.
If my little Defza had their way, we’d be eating nothing but meat. Not that I wouldn’t have a problem, but a growing Humi needs their vegetables too! Adding a little rutabaga wrapped in Renua leaves is my secret, it gives it a more savory flavor. Carrots, though, he’ll never eat that.
— Grandmother Wayfarer

Young Adult

39 years later, at the age of thirteen, Defza was taken into the fold of the -------. It had been a long time coming, a promise from birth, so joining didn’t feel any different. What changed was the allowance of knowledge, as was to be expected, knowledge and power and connections. He’d already made plenty of connections himself by this point, what with all the travel. Power too, he’d discovered three of his Nya. He somehow, through his haughty exterior, became humbled.

One of the best benefits, by his reckoning, was the absence of currency. That leads to the ability to use any and all of the latest and greatest technologies and gizmos. He can keep in contact with all his foreign friends with one device while viewing reality differently with another, then yet another that grants him the ability to play any instrument proficiently. His ego did not fare well with all of this.

The only thing that really kept the spoiled child in check was the great equalizer, puberty. For him, it would last a ridiculously long time. FOr an average humi, only a few years needed to be suffered. For him, it would take decades. All the while, with all the knowledge he accumulated by exposed experience, he found himself… empty.

What he wanted now, what he would have to fight for, was the reason for his existence. He now had the mission to find his place in the world. All those around him supported this quest for they too wanted, no, needed to know. He meant something, everyone agreed, and only he could discover what that was. Except, he had a vague understanding of, there was the distinct possibility, probability, that his existence may mean nothing. Or he could have a purpose not on anyone’s mind.

To find himself, he now travels with the Witch of Knowledge. He found the enigmatic figure with some trouble, even with his vast array of connections. She, at first, refused him, she traveled alone. After some asking, prodding, begging, she acquiesced and let him aboard her two-person crew. Currently, he keeps his wayfaring attitude towards life.


I just can’t be around him. The kid’s too full of himself, no respect for anyone. Lots of kids are like that, but his specialty is ticking you off. He knows just how to get under your skin, jabbing you right to your core. I almost knocked him out the time he tried to tell me I was welding wrong.
— Argnn, street vendor
Defza is confident to a fault; If pushed, he’ll snap rather than bend. He will be the first to step forward, knowing that he will be able to do whatever task is at hand. This comes from codling and connections, naturally. What he wasn’t taught was what to do if he fails. So, when he inevitably bites off more than he can chew, he will come crying back to someone to take care of him.

He has a little sense of hygiene, bathing regularly when he’s not globe-trekking. With those he likes, he will gladly share a communal bath, but he won’t ever step foot in a public bath. He treats most in his life in this manner, keeping a wide breadth until he gets to know them.


Elder Gheforis

While Defza has a spiteful reverence of the Elder Gheforis, the Elder Geforis views him almost as an object. To Defza, they are the attainable want-to-be. To the Elder Gheforis, Defza is an omen and a pawn.

Grandmother Wayfarer

In time, they grew to be a true family, mutually loving one another. Now, it is the typical wayward child and supportive parent role, developing into the even more typical long-distance talk every holiday affair. To one another, they are family.

Witch of Knowledge

Yeah, I traveled with him for a bit. He was one of the best gambling buddies I’d ever had. I guess he also helped with finding things, that luck was just incredible. I took him, once, to see that old man. Not even he could figure out what else the kid could do. Only problem is, well, he’s a kid; was for the entire five years. You can imagine how painful this is.
— Witch of Knowledge
Species: Humi
Ethnicity: Kexeli
Birth: Jyjuz, Aoorz 7933 (37 years old, actually 17)
Biological Sex: Male
Favorite food: Flank steak with a side of greens.


Defza is quite unassuming, looking like any humi. Even Granny tends to lose him in crowds. It’s no special ability of his, just simply that he is not too talk, too short, too fat, too slim, or has any obviously distinguishing features, skin grey, eyes and hair black, fingers ten counted.

His aura, however, is a whole different best. If one were to sense it, they would know that they had met someone they’d never meet again. It fills whatever space he wanders into, unavoidable and dominant. Those who find themselves within his influence can’t help but empathize with him, feeling his anger, sorrow, and joy. Like his appearance, it is not an ability of his, but simply that his soul is his.  


Rainbow shards that create a shape that can’t be fully seen in the physical world. It smells like everything.


He tends to abstain from clothing, seeing it as just something that holds him back. When asked by Grandmother Wayfarer, he will don whatever culturally appropriate attire for where they are. If he had a choice, caps would go with every outfit.


Nya: After being appraised by the most talented doctors soon after his birth, he has been confirmed to have a natural affinity towards all six Reln. Currently, he has only discovered four of his natural talents: slow aging (Bil), silver tongue (Wox), and focused luck (Jyk)
Mastered Ghoa: While not a nya, Defza finds it easy to move anything. He also has an affinity for life, plants and animals growing harrier and stronger if he raises them. This can backfire as too much love can deform those he’s caring for.
Unique Knowledge: Too much to count. Some notable things are: Members of -------; and the meaning behind several artifacts including the Lance of Shattering, Shia’s Egg, and more
Other: His native tongue is dual Nihyo and Haseh.


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