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Treatment of the Dead

Keep their dead in family tombs.  


What do people do when they poop? Some use it, most have it whisked away by many methods, mostly by burial or by water.


Major language groups and dialects

Lald is the most widely spoken language, but plenty speak other languages at home or with friends.

Shared customary codes and values

One of the most recent cultures to form, Kexeli people treat all others of their intelligence with equal respect. A Drake is no greater than any Humi and Muzoval share equal ground in politics, social standing, and regard as any other rela.

Kexeli come from many different backgrounds, and from many different cultures. Many include their previous generations culture into the broader Kexeli thoughts, while some hold on to their heritage only for themselves.

They hold the idea of holding to, or that one must not waver. You can always change your ideas during an action (such as deciding to run away or on a better topping for a salad), but be sure to not second guess yourself in the effort. If you begin something, see it through unless you change your mind, but do not flutter between the two.

Average technological level

Intricate murn have become common and are easily developed in mass. While not slightly behind on advancement when compared to other major cultures and nations, the sheer abundance, and cheapness, of the latest technology has all others beat.

Common Etiquette rules

Standard Greeting - To widen ones fore-limbs and puf out chest.

Common Dress code

Bohrn are very popular, and most, if not all, wear Haln.   Though many wear clothes, is only worn as an expression of self rather than to hide the body
But there are still plenty who follow their ancestors cultural norms of what to wear. Many humi wear borderline garish clothes while Thjochk Vshawen wear their masks and cloaks

Common Taboos

Treating another of the same intelligence as though they were lesser or greater.

Historical figures


Beauty Ideals

As there are many species that are a part of Kexeli, many have turned to view beauty as an emotional aesthetic. One who is outgoing, kind, and modest is seen as more beautiful than their physical looks might speak.

Courtship Ideals

When wed, all parties exchange bands for the other to wear. These bands can be rings, bangles, or braces for a chosen part of the body. This is a standing tradition from other cultures, some having it on their fingers, others having it on their horns. Because Kexeli is an amalgamation of so many cultures, there is no set form of where these bands are placed.

Relationship Ideals

Philia love is thought to be the most important relation, with Pragma love as a close second.

To Add

  • Hehlio calls it "sayk-fall" and "zuyg-fall". this say several things about his culture. they are more fascinated with ends than beginnings. they see the sayk and zuyg as equivalent aspects of the ring, both deserving of their own endings.
  • Most popular artform in Kald is dream-sharing
  • Departments in kexist are called "communal pillars for [topic]"
  • One subculture of a group of a lower class does a special magic thing to help everyone.
  • I've never thought of birthdays. It does bring to mind how it maybe a unifier for species that have several offspring at a time. Like how twins or quadruplets are forced to have the same birthday. Though I'm also in the same boat as Whisper, living long lives. Might be a childhood thing, like Santa or the tooth fairy.


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