Aldr K-kep

The Aldr K-kep is a massive alien structure of Dax and Suz (see Reln). Scientists speculate that it was some ancient meteorite due to the crater and mountains surrounding it; the structure has been there for longer than any records, being apart of the Ruined world. The Aldr K-kep is not easy to miss, it being one of the largest structures in all of kald, only dwarfed by entire mountain ranges or the Three Sisters.
  The Aldr K-kep is made of two substances: an outer shell of Dax and an inner pulp of Suz. The shell is a large open jagged sphere spanning the horizon. It opens on the top to reveal the inner ever-changing mass of Suz. This structure provides many oddities, not the least of which is that the two substances it is made of do not unite. Life is the unity between these two reln, and that they are so close yet remain separate has baffled scientists.
  Another oddity is the mass of Suz within the shell. Normally Suz, or The Soul, is everywhere and invisible. Some areas have more densely packed Suz, being able to be felt, but never seen. The fact that the Suz inside the shell is visible and does not dissipate is something none could hypothesize about. The outer shell of Dax is yet another thing that perplexes all sense of reason. Dax, like Suz, is everywhere, though it is within every physical thing while Suz is metaphysical. That it exists to be seen has some scholars claim that the materials are neither Dax nor Suz, but something else entirely. But test after test only provides more confirmation that they are indeed those materials, no matter how impossible it may be.
  People have harvested the Aldr K-kep for ages, despite the challanges. With modern technology it is still unreasonably expensive, difficult, and dangerous to harvest either the Dax or the Suz. Each part provide different challenges to harvest. Bare contact with Dax can suck the life out of an individual, and is unbreakable with most techniques. To properly harvest it you need various expensive tools that quickly degrade. Tools of metal, electricity, freezing liquids, explosives, lasers, and super thin materials are all needed to pry just a bit of it off. The Suz provides a different hazard, corrupting and changing whoever comes in contact with it or even is near it for any extended period of time. Any tools used to harvest it rapidly degrade until they are either pulled away or become nothing.

To Add

  • Science had known for a while it's extraterrestrial
  • Hard to see lights in the sky beyond the saykzuyg and sea of fire
  • Wars fought over it
  • Great Drake humi war (not central motivator to the war, but a constantly contested resource)
  • Almost living, Some swear it is
  • Made of time inside space
  • Incredibly difficult to mine (how to even mine it?)
  • Can’t mine by anyone with a soul.
  • use machines to mine it?
  • if soul is taken out, it’ll get sucked back in.
  • Add soul to the physical part to make it move itself (diluting the purity of it, but it’s the only way to get it. irreversible to add soul)
  • Incredibly valuable
  • Add entry in elders journal about his memory of it. It had landed in it's recorded history, a few generations back.
  • He surprised at the advancements and lack there of in the time he'd been asleep.
black hole for the soul


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