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  Driv follows the Kexist political system of Native-Colonial Republic as well as their own system of a meritocratic republic. The people elect the leaders for the four aspects of their government by overwhelming majority vote (60% or greater majority). Twenty percent of the vote is decided on "proof", or a candidate successfully overcoming the challenges presented during the election process.  

The Four Aspects

  The four parts, or aspects, of Driv's federal government and territory governments are law, security, judgement, and economy. The law's job is to create, maintain, and observe laws. Security's job is to keep citizens safe from both foreign and domestic threats. Judgement is to settle disputes regarding laws (if they are broken or bent), security over rights (or via versa), and what would be best for a healthier economy (shattering monopolies, settling arguments over ownership and sales, etc). Economy is to oversee outgoing and ingoing trade and ensure that their peoples businesses, and government businesses, are ensured to have the best "deal" they can. An easy way to thing of the economy aspect is someone why watches what you do and stops you from making stupid or ill-informed decisions.  


  Each primary leader of the aspects are voted on by everyone who is willing to vote. Other, less substantial, leaders are voted on by people who have permission to vote for that aspect. Each citizen, when they reach mental maturity, select one of the four aspects to represent, to vote for. It is possible to change the chosen aspect later, but requires a lot of paperwork and waiting. If one aspect has a disproportioned amount of voters, that aspect may be blocked off to those choosing their aspect.
While leaders are elected by the public, other positions "hire" people to hold a position for a predetermined duration. Also, the election process happens over two years, and occurs every six years. During the two years, the candidates are whittled down to six for the Aldcom to select from.  


  Proof are challenges candidates must overcome to be allowed to be voted for, for a position in the government. Many challenges are there from traditions, existing even before the nation of Driv itself. Failing a proof restricts a candidate from entering a position for that voting cycle. New proofs can be created, and are, when there is an aspect that people see as needed for the position he proof relates too. These new proofs are fist engineered by the law aspect then checked by the economic aspect.  


  From it’s mostly drake heritage, Driv has two leaders for each of the four aspects, with a nook who influence and help the leaders. Underneath them is a complex system of people with rolls differing from aspect to aspect. This rule of two does, however, exclude the single ezcom.  


  Driv has one single primary leader in their ezcom. Their ezcom acts as a mediator for all of their four aspects. They act as an advisory council for militant matters, a tie breaker for both the creation of laws and execution of them, final word for a dispute that the people are unable to come to a conclusion about, and an outside look for an important business transaction (a fresh pair of eyes that have experience behind them).
  The ezcom are elected by the people both by secondary popular vote (people vote for their voters to have more sway) and by proof. The proofs consist of challenges to prove whether the candidate is able to make proper, moral, and liked snap judgements under pressure. There is no failing the contests per say (unlike other proof contests), but poor performance will weaken their hold on both the public and the voters. These are on top of debates, as other democracy's and republic hold.  

Notable Laws

  Any foreign entity is entitled to the right of privacy, exemptions being matters of national, local, and or personal security, reasonable belief the entity is in the possession of contraband, illegal substances or goods, unreasonably harmful substances or goods, and or unaccounted substances or goods which need to be regulated or otherwise made known.
  Driv also has a law that prohibits the use of blood identification of their citizens by both the government and private organizations.  

Foreign Interactions

  Driv, as a nation, has a fixation on trade. And as such, nearly all interactions with foreign peoples is through they eyes of a merchant. They keep high security around their borders to check every deal coming to and going from their nation. They are lax with who is allowed in and out, keeping an eye for what the person has on them than where the person is from. Due to Driv's location, they are a commonality between many trade routs. They try to encourage other nations and business to use Driv as a rest stop, destination, or other form of stopping point.  

Foreign relations

  As with all other nations under the Aldcom, they have open borders for trade and military with other Aldcom nations. Despite this, they do have laws heavily taxing and limiting trade with Hyiv. They allow any foreigner to use their government owned ports, only letting them off after screening.   From their heavy emphasis in trade, Driv has become a melting pot of many disparate peoples from all over. And because these citizens have families from all over, they have many connections to the people over other nations, and thus the nations themselves. There are nations that are undesirable from conflicting beliefs (mostly with the Aldcom's beliefs), and frim previous deals that went sour. Still, for the most part Driv try to keep their birders open.  


  Driv' greatest asset is their location. Many people travel through Driv, on their way up or down the Rot Saegri , or up the Siak River to Republic of Kexist.   Government funded mega ports to allow for air, land, and sea vessels   Their territory is also fairly flat, meaning level land, calm winds, and steady waters. This allows for easy access to their many ports.  


  Driv uses the fur, (see Currency)  


  Cutting edge technology. They create little of it of the own, but meld, adapt, and mesh technologies from other culture and nations that have their people pass through Driv,  


  A melting pot of many central Kald cultures.  


  Mostly drake   As with most other nations of kexist, there are a few small Vshawen colonies scattered about,  


  They use most of their military aa a policing force of foreigners using their ports.  


  Long standing rivalry with Hyiv.   How people used to try and catch better humans and thus would need better hunters. Leading to a culture that prides itself on being mericratic.  


  Borders were created along with the other nations of kexist. The people of driv have virtually the same borders as before the formation of kexist. Before the people, more specifically mostly drake, were the ones go capture new humi as they were in the border of the two empires. Later they became a battle zone, The location to opportune for either empire to let the other have,  


  The southern end of the City of Sornata to the north,   South is temperate forest   Very center is temperate steepe and fen close to the water   To the east is more hilly region, while most of the land is fairly flat   The sea to the west is fresh near land, but brackish further out. The land in the water gradually becomes lower further out, but there are more hills closer to the shore while it dips to the west.   Southern border is the Siak river  


  Basic six seasons. Colder dead seasons




Predominant and state endorsed language: Lald


Predominantly Kanøu

Type of Government

Native-Colonial Republic


Controlled Territories


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