City of Sornata

If it were not for the enormous city of Sornata, the ezivald, or continent (see Places), would not exist. People would divide it into Whidyr, Dreuglen, and Hasehak as portions of their contents, if it weren't for enormous mass of buildings that cover the all of Sornata. Sornata is defined by this massive city, the city itself being one cohesive unit that spans the size of a continent. Sornata may have some small localized areas that do not contain buildings of long ago, but those are few and far between.
  The city, now called Sornata, has long since been abandoned, a relic of the Ruined world. People today use the materials of the ruins to create new homes, tools, and other things. But many use the buildings already there as their homes. If they were able to stand for thousands and thousands of years, they're probably safer than any modern architect could whip up.
  The city's origins are shrouded in mystery, it having always existed before any records or oral stories. The only one that could possible have any idea of what the city used to be is the Elder Gheforis. But even if he were around to have experienced its heyday of when people were still building and living in it, he had long since forgotten.
  As one travels through Sornata, the architecture of the ancient buildings changes, a time capsule of the people that lived there long ago. But there is hardly any areas that the buildings do not exist. One could travel for weeks and still see buildings. The materials of the buildings is what mainly remains constant, each one being build of some mysterious white stone mixture. The glass or whatever filled the windows has log since weathered away with all the other materials that might have adorned or lifted the buildings. It is only the manufactured stone that remains, scientists still trying to figure out how to replicate it.
  Some buildings are moderately sized, but others can pierce the sky, climbing high into the clouds above. The city also expands underneath in a complex network of tunnels spanning from edge to edge. The tunnels have ancient technology and rusted wonders within them. Much of the tunnels have been closed off, due to portions of it being too dangerous, the tunnels collapsing, or some other natural or crafted barrier. Both the city above and the tunnels below have yet to be fully explored. There are plenty of the massive buildings that dwell in well known areas that have yet to be completely mapped out.


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