One divine being that created everything (the divine) Ah. Ah created the world and life, letting them come into their own for a time. The first of the world grew up in darkness, unthinking and unemotive.
  At some point, long before most were able think but after the world had been formed, Ah spawned two prophets: Oo’Ee’Eh’Ah and Ul’Ih:Teh;Oo. Oo'Ee'Eh'Ah wished only to heal and help Ah's creations, while Ul'Ih:The;Oo saught to spread chaos and death. Each prophet had the beings of the world come to them. Oo'Ee'Eh'Ah attracted its followers with kindness, they joining of their own volition. Ul'Ih:Teh;Oo seduced its followers, crafting promises from lies and feeding off of the inner darkness that made the duality of all the world's beings.
  Ul'Ih:Teh;Oo lothed its sibling, growing more and more negative emotions such as jealousy and disgust the longer time went on. Fed up, Ul'Ih:Teh;Oo warred his followers against those of Oo'Ee'Eh'Ah. Millions died.
  Trying to get an edge up, Ul’Ih:TEh;Oo molded his most fierce, bloodthirsty, and a-moral warriors into “archdemons.” These archdemons spread their malice like a plague, creating abhorrent monstrosities from the Oo who followed Ul’Ih:Tech;Oo. To combat this new threat, Oo’Ee’Eh’Ah bestowed seraphic attributes to those of his followers who were of divine morals. The seraph, in turn, appointed their comrades as angels.
  After time was lost to the endless bloodshed, Oo’Ee’Eh’Ah realized that his reprisal was what let Ul’Ih:TEh;Oo keep going. Oo’Ee’Eh’Ah laid down his arms and swallowed Ul’Ih:TEh;Oo’s forces back into the mold of creation. Weakened by this act of mercy, Ul’Ih:TEh;Oo fled into the darkest thoughts of all life.
  Without their leader, the archdemons, demons, and beings of the world who supported Ul’Ih:TEch;Oo fled to Ovald where the terrain was as hostile as themselves.
  The Seraphim and Angels, knowing that Ul’Ih:TEh;Oo will someday return, retreated to the sky to meditate until they were needed.  


Kanøu has the most followers of any religion in the modern world.  


As any being is neither wholly good nor absolutely evil, it is your actions during life that decides who you side with during the afterlife. If one lived their life righteously and justly, they are welcomed to Tukk, Waiting Paradise. If one causes chaos and brings harm where they walk, they are dragged to Yon, Torturers Unrest. If one lived a life that had evil in it, though also good, they are not welcomed to Tukk but are also not draged to Yon, they will wander in the void for eternity


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