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many still use the burning fabric technique to make tomes, ledgers, and other forms of written communication for more than just humoh, as it is easy to mass produce the fabric and fire is easily to come by.

Dictionary for all languages: The Great Dictionary  

List of Langauges

a;O;u;, language of north-eastern whidyrTsohtsi
Agar, language from a far away place
Asi, language developed to communicate with outsiders of many Vshawen colonies.
Chkoht, language of the greater western mountains of dreuglen.
Haseh, language of the Drake of the Haseh Hmti
Humoh, language of ancient Humi
Lald, language of the Aldcom.
Nihyo, language of the central cities of Sornata
Thoos, language of the Akua mountains.
Aural Language, Voiceless language.

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