Plants are yellow, the ground is green, the water is blue, and the sky is orange, those are the most prominent colors in Kald. Plants grow yellow leaves to attract the energy of the Sakzyg Oiov. The ground is green as that is the natural hue of kag, this is the same reason the water is predominantly blue and the sky is orange. These colors are because of what Reln like kag are and how they interact with other reln.  

Temperature differentiation

Mountain tops are red due to their peaks being closer to the sea of mur above the sky (see Climate & Weather). The closer to that sky, the hotter it gets. The same is true the further into the ground one goes. There is no lava or fire under the ground, just endless cold. This is also due to how reln interact with each other. This is why mountain tops are hot and valleys have snow or are frozen over. Valleys only have snow if they are below sea level or far to the west. The further west one goes, the colder it gets. This is because the sakzyg's pole comes up over the east during hotter seasons.  


Rivers do not always flow downstream, or even are tethered to the land. Rivers can flow any which way they want, or even in opposite directions on the same stream. They can flow through the air, under the ground, or through other bodies of water (not quite akin to currents as they are their own bodies of water). Rivers can be erratic, but usually flow into the sea. It is due to the materials that flow through or are around the body of water that affect their actions.  


There are structures in the world that are lage enough to be seen from above the sky. One of these structures is the Aldr K-kep, a massive meteorite. The other is the City of Sornata, a massive ancient city that the continent Sornata defined by and named after. The black void to the west is an abyss that no one has ever seen the bottom of, its name Ulinta. On the other side of the rift is Ovald. Kald is the civilized portion of the world. It is where intelligent beings find safety and normalcy. Ovald is the other world, where things are too strange and creatures too dangerous for any sane rela (see Creatures) to live.


Sakzyg Oiov
Ruined world
City of Sornata
Aldr K-kep
/cWtjaod /ctpWtig

Mountain ranges

Akua mountains
East Ahsho mountains
West Ahsho mountains
Lesser Whihya mountains
Greater Whihya mountains
Nair Maav
Ataker Mountains


Mount. Kornal
Mount. Pekager
Mount. Witch


Lake Buraksta
Lake Folci
Lake Imkanye
Lake Kes


Rot Saegri
Ahsho River
Siak River


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Johann Duarte
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"Rivers can flow any which way they want". You got me with this one. Your world works so... differently that I loved it.

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Thank you so much! Differently and the same, too abstract and it will just be gibberish.