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Time is one aspect of the Reln suz, along with another important aspect: The Soul.
Time, as the observed aspect of suz, is the existence of change. Time is never not moving and thus is never not affecting the space it occupies with change. Time in its natural state affects only itself, changing in chaotic fashion. Time and its opposite space are not always in direct contact with each other, even if they exist in and on the same reality. In their natural states, time and space are distinct and separate. When they are not distinct, the combination of space and time is life. Time that is in contact with or even attached to the physical allows the combination of the two to will the change -that is time- in specific directions. Directed time is the will of life. Moreover, many lives of individuals have similar paths to their will, creating streams which many individuals travel along.
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Existence in and as of time

  An individual's flow through time is their change of the physical, and the manner therein -all the ways in which space is and is able to change-. Additionally, the space -previously existing without time- being affected by life’s influence of time, is changed. This change is due to the soul being in existence with space, as made so by life. A rock -reln kag at greater-, or really any of the subreln of space or time, will naturally be separate from one another and exist apart. It is life that cause them to overlap and interact.  

Personal Timeline

Time is perceived linear, as you are moving in the same direction as most of the people you will ever know, or your holistic timeline (see below). Your personal experience may be slightly different than another’s. For example, you might be moving at a slightly different angle than someone else, or at a different rate. Mostly, the difference is too minor to perceive, but there have been cases where individuals intersect, or are traveling in very different directions than the holistic timeline they exist in.   What one experiences through time is one’s body changing and being affected by time. In this way, aging is the soul or time wearing on a body. Eventually, the body and soul will separate and return to their natural discreetness.   One’s area of time and space in which one would be deemed an individual grows as one lives. This area is all the space one affects, all the things one has the immediate potential to interact with. This can be thought of as a cloud, with the core of what makes the individual in the center; the different bodies -versions of one’s self from different timelines- one inhabits due to different choices one is able to make surrounding that; and all of the inanimate objects one affected and the different bodies one interacts with bubbles around all said different bodies.   When someone is born, their cloud is small, as they have not had the opportunity to split their timeline -which generates different bodies for the soul to inhabit- and they have not interacted -or had the opportunity to interact- with many other objects. The longer someone lives, the larger their cloud becomes. The growth of their individual cloud is due to the choices that the person has the ability to make at any given point in time. And it may grow further by being a part of another individual’s cloud. Every other individual someone has the capability to interact with, whoever the individual’s personal timeline cloud touches, becomes a part of their perceived timeline.  
Soul Cloud
  What limits an individual's cloud’s growth is when a body of the individual has a soul that is too far away from the core individual. By then, that other body and corresponding soul is considered a distinct and unique individual. And thus, what used to be one individual’s cloud is also separated.Though both individuals share a common past, and thus a common part of a soul, they are no longer able to affect and influence their surroundings as they would have been able to if they were still one being. There are a finite and indefinitely growing amount of different bodies a soul may inhibit, or amount of different timelines that are created when an individual is presented with an opportunity of choice. All the bodies of the individual share the same portion of the soul/time and are thus a singular individual.  

Holistic Timelines

As life began in the ever-existence of distinct time and space, life and its flow was chaotic. But as time had the capability of change, large streams of individual souls began to travel along the same direction, creating streams or holistic timelines -they started off from a single point and congealed into directions and areas-. The shared inanimate space of the many individuals in the holistic timeline exists in the state that it does as a result of their collective change on said space. This world that is created exists in a state in all ways it has and is changing; a portion of space that was once one thing is then another and both was and was not that original thing. Changed space is no more or less than what it was and is until it is changed to a new state again.   In the beginning, life and the directions it traveled were chaotic. But as time gained the capability to change, large streams of individual souls began to travel along the same direction, creating streams or holistic timelines -they started off from a single point and congealed into directions and areas-. The space life puts the influence of time on changes inanimate space around them. A part of space that was once one thing is then another and both was and was not that original thing. They are no more or less than what they were and are until they are something else again.   There are different states or timelines a group of inanimate affected objects may be in simultaneously. The influence many individuals have on a specific area of space creates a distinct world many individuals experience that is the same from one to another. In other words, people make the world they exist in.   Though people flow in the same general time stream as those around them, everyone has their own personal direction in time, and thus perception of time. It is possible for an individual to travel along a very different vector from those around them. Also, people can experience others who have a different direction of time, it’s a matter of proximity. They all experience the same bit of affected space from the result of them being a part of the same holistic timeline.  
  Author’s note: For the most part, all the articles in Kald follow only one holistic timeline.  


  To use an analogy, time is like a sea. It is everywhere, and moves individuals along its currents. These currents are just instances of bits space that move in the same direction along time, creating holistic timelines. The object exist in all parts of time that affect said object. The past is the previous states of the object, and the future is the time that has yet to affect the object. Time is like a sea, also, in how it has currents of objects being changed by the same stream of time, like a fish being pushed along a current. The current can be influenced by other currents as the mash into, pass over, glide through, or meld into one another. From this: time that is perceived as frozen is moving perpendicular to your own time; time is never not moving.
You can also use the fish analogy for one’s perceived time -which, as a reminder, is linear-. An individual starts moving in a direction but may move about in a current, move faster/slower, exit a current, or even turn around to move against a current. This free will of movement means you can move to be in the same point in time you had already been in, among myriad other happenings. You meeting yourself in another point in time is perceived by both ends. The bodies may be different, but the soul is the same, thus the experiences are shared by each instance.


As an example of a would-be paradox: if one were to go back and kill one’s grandfather, there are several things that could happen. Here are two examples of what may happen:   One could end one’s forebarer’s life before they would be able to bring one into existence. This, however, is ineffectual at removing them from existence as they are already in existence -has their soul attached to a body-. The present they experience is the topic that is altered. They may be shifted into a present where their grandfather was killed by them, and thus be instantiated into a new timeline -their body shifting from one time to another-. Or, you return to the timeline that you were brought into existence in -you having not killed your grandfather-. Just like everyone else in the universe, if they are alive, thus their bodies affected by time, that bit of space of the body is both in the state it was before the change of the soul and after. Thus your grandfather, as well as you, is both alive and dead.

Affect and separation of the physical

Because the Suzal -the soul mass or all of time (see The Soul )- exists apart and as a part of space, time puts an amorphous continuum on all of space. Each instance of space has changed, is changing, and will change in all ways it has, is, and will. What changes occur are dependent on the will of life.  
An analogy is that space sans time is a picture, time sans space is a myth. Space without time will be unchanging and uncreated. Time without space is a concept, a construct that has no meaning without anything to put it to.
— ~Anonymous
  Time and space that have not been affected by life are in a state of limbo where they both exist and do not. With life; time changes space and space gives existence to time's change. Each, in their base state, exists on their own, though neither will be whole on their own. If time is unable to affect any space; time will, in a sense, not change (though this is impossible). Space without change will, in a sense, not exist (though this is impossible). It is only when they are together that space can exist and time can change. When apart, they do not completely exist or act though they fully have the potential to.

Non-organic matter

More than just organic matter can affect the timeline. A Trivis, for example, is moved from timelines based on a will, not the will itself moving through the timeline.


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