Seeking the Unknown

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Kald is a world where if you can dedicate enough of your life to something, you will make it possible. Telepathy, kindness, sound, fire, and else are able to be created, used, and changed universally by anything living, intelligent or not.
  Colorless humans, dragons, what we may call griffins, and more alien creatures co-exist, living together and creating powerful civilizations. Animosity and friendships exist between the divides of culture just as much as they do between species.
  It is in one of these civilizations that Ellis finds himself. Without memories of his past, Ellis does as others tell him while he desperately wishes for what he thinks should be normal. He meets many strange and fantastical characters and creatures, and the corrupt secret of this land.
  Meanwhile Hehlio, a drake, has things begin to go well for him. He and his friend are able study under a mentor to become intermediaries, to dedicate their lives to the protection of Geva from the wild. The world might not be perfect, but he will try his best to see a brighter tomorrow…
  And Yaro, a monster of her own form, tries to find someone the world claims does not exist. She forges her path in a world that despises her, and she it. She will find them, she will not let the one thing in this cruel world that brought her happiness to slip away from her, no matter how much blood needs to be spilt.

Table of Contents

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