A country where Humi have all other rela and oql in their nation enslaved. They put brands on their slaves that prevent them from communicating (verbally, physically, and mentally).

The Humi use their slaves for whatever purpose their owner desires. The slaves are treated as beasts, many in the country not even realizing that they are sapient. The government keeps a keen eye on any who might disrupt their slave trade but tend to be more relaxed in areas that don't threaten their positions.

Raehyr has little interactions with foreign countries, with politics or trading.
Raehyr is self sustaining because of the fertile desert the Sohpes leave behind. After the initial desertification, the area becomes one of the most fertile in the world. As such, Raehyr has absolutely no problem feeding their populace with a variety of crops and animals.

The country of raehyr have the borders around the largest Sohpes tide's migratory path.

The Sohpes churning up the ground also prevents one species or family from dominating the ecosystems, as they can be gone in an instant if they are within the sohpes’ path. Creatures that constantly move with the Sohpes’ migratory patterns are only slightly better off from other creatures. On a whim, the Sohpes can change direction or completely turn around to take advantage of a wealth of food so close to them (or chase competitors from their territory). Rela learned from the successful followers to rapidly grow crops and livestock, though this did provide the risk of the Sohpes’, sometimes, erratic path. Those living within in the Sohpes’s migratory path have found places the sohpes don’t touch, and build cities, towns, and stationary farms there (Prohweda University being built in one of the islands). While most live on these islands to have non-mobile homes, the farmers take advantage of the sohpes’s fertile land. Still, there are times where the sohpes act out of character and roll over an island (usually taking the town there by surprise, though this action is extremely rare), chase the farmers from their borders, or change their patterns in any way.

Geopolitical, Country
Controlled Territories


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