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Queen Electreco, of the Witches atop the Rock and the Leveral Powers, the Ensorcelled, the Cursed Beauty, First of Her Name Kyrzi Damorde (a.k.a. Electreco)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Electreco is moderately fit and occasionally exercises to maintain her fitness that she developed in the early stages of her dueling career. She leans toward the skinnier end, but is rather healthy and has no serious physical impairments.

Body Features

Fair skin and medium-length blonde hair.

Facial Features

Electreco has a heart-shaped face with a moderately thin nose, and ears that run close to her head. Her face is mostly symmetrical, with rounded lips that don't protrude much, and eyebrows only slightly darker than her natural blonde hair.

Identifying Characteristics

In her right ear Electreco wears a sharp purple crystal earring that hangs down like a stalactite, almost like a knife blade or fang.

Physical quirks

Electreco is right-handed and always walks in an upright posture, in a rather snooty fashion, not caring about those around her as if they are beneath her.

Special abilities

Electreco is a powerful witch, trained in blood magic and the dark arts. Although she never had to study basic magic, most of her dark arts training is not innate.

Apparel & Accessories

She often wears dark purple gowns, trailing to the floor, complete with black or dark purple heels. It is rare that she wears any other color, though she has been known to sport a thick dark red fur coat while traveling.

Specialized Equipment

Electreco's wand is crafted from refined galvanized steel, but in addition she occasionally hides throwing-knife blades in her heels.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kyrzi Damorde was borne in the small witch city of Oragaine, on the east coast of Ariandra and one of the few remaining settlements of Ravenblood. Her parents were Ravenblood loyalists, mother a witch, father a warlock (and her mother was secretly a direct descendant of the first Queen) who had fled Losthallow after it was reconquered by people of the Stormfields and given to Therana and the wizards. Her father died when she was only eight, but her mother raised her negligently, and therefore she learned to fight only for herself. Kyrzi left home at the age of 15 and traveled to Lermein, an island just off the coast by Bonebreaker Point. There, in the city of Lermes, she learned the craft of wandmaking and was the first to successfully patent a magical wand of steel. However, at the age of seventeen her bloodlust began, as when several tourists from Therana were visiting the seemingly liberated island, Kyrzi murdered them out of hatred for benevolent wizardkind. She decided to train and hone her skills at dueling in the arenas, and soon with popularity gained from her success in the dueling circles, she amassed a following of hundreds. Her signature killing blow was to strike down her opponent with a blast of electricity, thus giving her the epithet Electreco, which she was known for from then on, forbidding anyone else to use her real name. At this point, Electreco was 23, and returned thus to Oragaine, organizing the remaining territory south of the River Stormij into the current Kingdom of Ravenblood. Many of the people rose to fight in her army, with the promise of a new Ravenblood, and when Electreco had reached the age of thirty (44 AA) and retaken Lermes, Bonebreaker Point, Duskane, Fernes, and Fort Scaine, she marched upon Losthallow and in the middle of the night, subdued the Wizarding leader of Therana, Jole Qia, who had been stationed at the Rock. The following day, the garrison of Therana dead of a mysterious illness or perhaps poisoning, Electreco condemned Jole Qia to death and executed him by guillotine, thus reconquering the Rock for her own. Her armies spread over all the land east of the Blistering Mountains, and within a few short years, Ravenblood was reconquered, and Electreco sat back in the Château, receiving international recognition, but also backlash and ill will from the west. For the next ten years, Ravenblood's reconquista was fairly uneventful, but in 33 AA Therana's wizards attempted to set up base camps by the edge of the Rock. With Electreco's approval and guidance, the undead leader Wynona Strauss ravaged and massacred the camps, marking a historical day of mourning for Therana and a new vendetta against Strauss and Electreco. Although informal, the zombies and witches of eastern Ariandra had entered a pact of alliance and armistice. Twelve years later, on the isle of Aegaenos, a young leader with potential emerged, who reminded Electreco of her own upbringing. She allowed him to rule the island and the northern surrounding islands, and two years later, she met King Maccus Derabusase in the city of Di Triza, his birthplace. Although Electreco still had the undead, she needed more allies, and thus aided King Maccus in sailing into Wizarding territory and establishing a fort in the Swamp of Valtousei, soon to be known as the Castle of the Lost. While doing research on ancient alliances of Ravenblood's, Electreco came across the alliance with the Sorcerers, and in 18AA she traveled to Khasepalia with an army, and formally entered into an alliance with her southern neighbors, the flamboyantly illustrious Þor Almór and his wife, Hylda Eichbauer. Combining their magical prowess, Electreco and Þor over the next decade managed to move the Orcs and Goblins to do their bidding, and after ages of malcontent between the Honorable Republic of Therana and the Cursèd Kingdom of Ravenblood, Electreco ordered Orc armies out of the south to attack and pillage Wizarding villages such as Stadhaak, Sheawood, Capria, and Mayfair, thus beginning the First Great War in 0 QY. Her armies that had been sent north were finished off in 1 QY, in effect ending the war, but the ill will did not cease. In 2 QY, a mole of Electreco's discovered a spy from Resovo in her ranks, so she sentenced the spy to be pushed off the Cliffs of Peril (spoiler alert, the spy was turned into a vampire before she could die). Several years later, in 6 QY, during a short term of prosperity in both Therana and Ravenblood, Electreco hired numerous rabble-rousers to stir up insurrections in Auldtin, Bergia, Greybrook, Seastone, and the Silver Citadel, most of which were coastal locations, earning this act the name of "The Cliffside Rebellion". Eventually, Electreco no longer benefited from the insurgency, so she redirected efforts into kidnapping children from Capria and instilling witch ideals into them. Chancellor Draíochta noticed that she was behind the rebellion and the kidnappings, so he attempted to send spies after her, but she weakened him in a failed assassination attempt using blood magic in 8 QY. His resolve was not weakened, however, as he and Queen Isabel Dracú declared war a second time after Electreco annexed the remaining free Eastern Stormfields the following year. Near the end of 9 QY, Losthallow tripled in size in order to fund and boost war efforts, and today remains the size it attained in that year. The war ended soon after, however, after three unsuccessful battles ended purely in stalemate. The next three years were quiet for Electreco, though her ruling established many policy changes in how Ravenblood's society functioned holistically. In 12 QY, Electreco supported King Maccus's attack upon the Archipelago in the quasi-war which ended up claiming the life of his wife Ellayiri, and entered a formal entente and alliance pact with him the following year. In the city of Mortcente, leaders of the Witches, Lost Men, Goblins, Orcs, Zombies, Werewolves, Trolls, and Sorcerers entered an alliance known as the Leveral Powers, headed by Queen Electreco. Three years following, as a retaliatory strike against one of the Theranan government's most outspoken leaders in the fight against Ravenblood, Electreco kidnapped Lily Astana from her bed as she slept, and imprisoned her in the Château's Dark Room. She now let Ravenblood fall silent and drop off the world stage, with a scrim curtain covering up what she really had planned, and hid from the Allied Team and most of the rest of the world. However, in 23 QY the vampires of Querica Cave sent their queen, Fleur Mounty, deep into the Ice Plains to examine the strange activity coming from within, and Queen Electreco captured her before she could discover the plains' secret. King Maccus and Grand Sorcerer Þor arrived at her castle a month or so later in the same night, and garrisoned on the hill. Despite this reinforcement of multiple leaders and armies, on the night of 11 Coda, 23 QY, members of the Allied Team infiltrated the Château, released both prisoners, and captured Queen Electreco. She was sent north to the island of Virrior Minor, where she was locked on Level 3 of the Dungeon.

Gender Identity





Queen Electreco is not formally educated, but does carry vocational experience from several wandmakers and fighters in the city of Lermes. In addition to diplomacy, she was trained for battle and puts up a formidable fight (but isn't really fair, as she fights without honor to reach her own goals).


She was employed under the apprenticeship of a wandmaker in Lermes at the age of fifteen, but by nineteen had become an accomplished fighter in the dueling circles. Electreco became a commander-general by 23 and was coronated as Queen at the age of 30 following the execution of Jole Qia, a position she has held for the past 69 years.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Invented the process of crafting a wand of steel make
  • Reinvigorated Ravenblood loyalists and expansionists based on success in the dueling circles of Lermes
  • Amassed an army of several tens of thousands and retook the Rock
  • Founded the Leveral Powers and subdued the Stormfields' independent streak
  • Captured and held Fleur Mounty and kept her illicit operations hidden

Mental Trauma

Fear of delegitimization, trauma from an unorganized and rough childhood, severe hatred for peace among enemies

Intellectual Characteristics

Skilled Tactician/Strategist, Determined

Morality & Philosophy



She forbids anyone from addressing her by her real name.

Personality Characteristics


Aspires to conquer the rest of Ariandra and eradicate all opposing views and nations.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Skilled in the art of wandmaking and is trained in throwing knives and dueling, but has difficulty finding common ground with enemies without becoming enraged

Likes & Dislikes

Enjoys wine and high fashion, in addition to partying, but can't stand travel through particularly rough terrain or someone looking at her the wrong way. Enjoys to flirt, but can be temperamental from time to time.

Virtues & Personality perks

Electreco is coy and flirtatious, and enjoys partying. She is incredibly beautiful and charismatic.

Vices & Personality flaws

She is easily angered, manipulative, sometimes reckless, and will do what she wants without regard to others.

Personality Quirks

When laughing enough, sometimes her laugh will shift into an evil cackle


Electreco's personal hygiene is immaculate, though she does enjoy leaving messes for others to clean up in her stead.


Contacts & Relations

Old friends with Maccus Derabusase after aiding in establishing his realm
Allies with Wynona Strauss, Vance Louvert, Alys Stormbreadth, and Þor Almór

Family Ties

Direct descendant of Merjem Darkskull, Queen of the Witches, through her mother's side
Mother Franziska Damorde, now deceased
Father Marius Damorde, deceased when Kyrzi was eight

Religious Views

Worships the Dark Gods (those whom she can commune with blood magic). Is not totally devout, but recognizes their dominion most presently.

Social Aptitude

Incredibly proper and confident but hot-headed, extroverted and charismatic, flirtatious and brutally upfront about unspoken things.


She often walks with her head held rather high and speaks commandingly, to let people know that she considers them beneath her.

Hobbies & Pets

In her spare time, Electreco enjoys sampling wine and varieties of apple, but loves ballroom dancing and partying, and even a well-choreographed fight.


Speaks most often in a medium-pitched commanding tone. Her accent isn't too far from a United States West Coast accent.

Wealth & Financial state

From her success in dueling, Electreco began earning her first fortunes, and later grew as she became Queen- thus making her the wealthiest woman in Ravenblood. She always travels in her own personal convoy, and prefers to have bodyguards nearby at most times of the day.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Ensorcelled, The Cursèd Beauty, Her Dark Majesty, Queen of the Witches atop the Rock and the Leveral Powers
Year of Birth
74 AA 99 Years old
Current Residence
Deep purple
Wavy, medium length blonde
5'9" / 175 cm
136 lbs / 61.7 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Forget the Queen. We have a breach in security."
"At this point, you're unfashionably late."
"So they've come here now, have they."
"I have no remorse or sympathy. You and your precious feelings are insignificant to me."
"You all will meet your judgment sooner than I!"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Old Hexein, Fell Speech
Character Prototype
Eva Green, see Dark Shadows

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