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Cyra, The Pyromancer

Cyra Vossde Fona, is what she expects to be called by those who address her. In groups that she feels comfortable with she may allow them to call her just Cyra. Vossde Fona, named so not for her family, which she had none on her birth but for the thing that birthed her.

Cyra was born among the icy people of Vossde Fona Citadel, a child born from the Font of Water, a special place in which the Realm of Fire and the Realm of Ice cross. From both sides an equilibrium of energy is met and for those in the Vossde Fona, that means a warmth found only there in all of the realm. Born of the power of that transfer, Cyra was prized by her people as an unexpected boon. Raised as a leader of her people and as a weapon to expand the control of the Fona. And at that she excelled.   Cyra came to power at the age of fifteen which is tradition among her people. Pressured by her advisers, men she would come to hate and eventually kill, Cyra lead an assault against a number of nearby settlements. Sent to conquer Cyra came to burn. Her powers of fire has no equal on the Realm of Ice, and is even impressive to the beings of the Realm of Fire. Those who did not surrender to her power, were instead burnt to ash. The dissenter, their family and their friends all for the great pyre that Cyra wielded. In time those that considered themselves her controller were brought to the same pyre. With complete control of her peoples, Cyra went on to conquer and burn all of the area with in reach of her citadel.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cyra identifies as female and prefers the use of she and her when being addressed or talked about. At first she was raised as a male by her caretakers finding that they thought she would be more powerful for it. She rejected their labels at a young age when she met a traveling Mortal who explained that she could be what she chose.


Social Aptitude

Cyra is an introvert and prefers to not deal with groups larger than three people. She has a problem of her ego being too large for many around her and has problems keeping those around her loyal at least out of friendship. She has no issues with keeping those under her command fearful of her wrath.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of Vossde Fona Citadel. The Unending Flames.
Circumstances of Birth
Cyra was born unexpectedly from the font of water on the Realm of Ice. Thought to be the chosen savior of her people, Cyra was celebrated greatly on the time of her birth.
Vossde Fona Citadel, where the mythical Font of Water lies. As one of the few sources of untamed heat on the Realm of Ice, it is a place of great wealth.
Cyra's eyes are a pupilless void of light read. They glowed even from her birth of the duality of her nature. Of the fire that burns inside her soul.

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