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Glynda Fampir

The thorn in a bed of roses

Glynda Lamia (a.k.a. Glynda Fampir)

It may be hard to believe, but I was once a sweet and innocent little girl, my eyes full of hope and excitement with a bright future ahead of me. I can't exactly tell you where it all began to go downhill, but I guess that's the scariest thing about me really, there is no distinct line in the dirt separating the good me from the bad, everyone has the opportunity to change the same way I did. And if it's one thing the powerful hate to let the weak know, is that society can all too easily alter their perspectives on even the closest of friends, that the religious and giving little girl would soon blossom into a woman full of bitter blood and ancient distrust for those who have done her wrong, and trust me when I tell you this lady, the powerful have done me plenty of wrongs already.
— Fampir to a News Anchor in a Live Interview in Jail

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ever since she first went down the 'road less traveled', so to speak, she made physical fitness an absolute must, everyone who even tries to work for her has to pass fitness tests and stay in shape to be around her. She has what some would call a pear-shaped body, with strong enough legs to endure great feats of running, muscular enough arms to pull at least her weight in a hanging situation, and a strong enough will to push through any other challenges she would face. She has Vitiligo, a skin condition to leaves lighter shade blotches all over her body, more noticeably over her hands and left eye, which she is completely blind in.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child, Fampir was raised in a very happy and religious family, always participating in holidays and community events.

Gender Identity

cis, identifies as a female but doesn't care if someone misgenders her whether on purpose or on accident


Asexual, no interest in dating or relationships on any scale


Fampir is largely self-employed, opting to steal from business conglomerates and the selfishly wealthy rather than working beneath the previously stated. A strong believer that once a company passes a certain point in power and wealth that it should be monitored for illegal or, ironically, immortal actions as well as regular mandatory thorough checkups.

Morality & Philosophy


Fampir's sense of morality is questionable at best, and it changes as often as the weather does. One day she can be a beacon of goodwill and the next she's a pure destructive being who cares not for the repercussions nor the karma that comes from it.


Fampir has a chaotic outlook on how to resolve issues and reaction to negative situations, her general philosophy is a 'the ends justifies the means' type where if an action brings an overall great reaction then the action cannot be wrong in her eyes.


She hates when self-righteous people or people with ulterior motives try to tell her that her actions are 'wrong' or that she is 'going down the wrong path'; essentially any sort of criticism or demeaning lines especially if it resembles 'you're too pretty to do anything dangerous'.

Personality Characteristics


Fampir desires to change the world in a way she sees fit, a world that aims to protect its civilians from greedy and dangerous people who have the power and the means to control society. While standalone her motivation may seem nice, she takes it to a chaotic level by trying to literally, and quite violently, remove people in power and leave their positions open for the grabs of arguably even more dangerous people. Once these new people prove that they cannot be trusted, she takes care of them the best way she knows how.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

A genius at the Royal Game of Urn but absolutely terrible at singing

Likes & Dislikes

Loves opera and jazz music and will often attend live concerts when possible


Contacts & Relations

Fampir has been slowing building trust circles along coastal settlements in her travels but the individuals involved are a mystery.

Family Ties

In her childhood, Fampir was extremely close to her parents as she was an only child but in her current years, she only talks to her mother every once in a while to catch up.

Religious Views

Fampir was once strongly devoted to the god Edi but after a particularly negative experience in her early teens she denounced the religion and turned her eyes to a lost deity Uni.

Social Aptitude

Intimidating no matter the situation, commanding in voice, comfortable in small to medium social groups but hate large circles and meetings. Doesn't like egotistical people and tries not to be one herself, fairly introvertive with the proper etiquette one would learn from growing up in a moderately wealthy family.


Has a habit of messing with her fingers in stressful/uncomfortable situations, avert eyes, and a tendency to regularly look around the area due to a vague sense of paranoia.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a baby marble fox named Ffion who she regularly takes on walks, and often practices archery for fun.


Has an excessive use of professional-business phrases even in casual conversations.


Wealth & Financial state

Fampir lives in moderate wealth and is careful not to go too crazy on living expenses and the occasional luxuries. While she hates the idea of working under a greedy or international business, she does enjoy doing odd-jobs for small and local business owners when her budget runs a bit tight.
Current Location
Year of Birth
5690 NW 26 Years old
City of Mourn
Current Residence
City of Mourn
Black, squinty
Long, pulled up, jet black
Known Languages
Ultimatum (common language on Ultimus),
Character Prototype
Anastasia Kole- as a model to fit her physique

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Author's Notes

I'm very excited about this character because not only did I make her up essentially on the spot, but I was able to use some leftover traits and backstory bits that were too much for Cantionis to handle. Also! Fampir will be the antagonist in the Flower Girls short story, and the first chapter to that will be submitted as the entry to the story prose prompt later on!~

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