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The Lost Ancient Kingdom

Ethoras really was as blessed by the gods as it could possibly have been. It is a shame that it also was as cursed by the gods as it was imaginable. The hubris of the last king led to a downfall of many within a single year and would change the world forever.
Sebastian den Heigenhill
Ethoras was once known as the kingdom of the gods. It was here, where the gods arrived in Skeigham with their followers and here they laid the foundation for glorious civilization. Situated in the fertile Basin of Ethora, the race of the gods grew quickly into a mighty kingdom.
Even after the races split into multiple and the gods ventured all over the world with their closest followers, Ethoras remained the centre of the ancient world. It was here where the earliest amazing monuments to the gods were erected as well as the legendary seven cathedrals to the gods. Of course, the Cathedral to Zecod was destroyed after the god had fallen in disgrace.
During the wars of the races, Ethoras was in the middle of it, suffering under the wars that tore the world apart. Several wise leaders were able to deflect most damage from their people and to negotiate cease fires with aggravated participants. For this, the gods recognized the exemplary role of Ethoras and named the nation the jewel of the mortal realm. This was as the gods departed from the mortal world directly after the Ruling of Coexistence.
In the centuries to come, Ethoras remained the key figure in global politics, dominating the decisions of the younger nations Rathram, Zecoria, and Keandra, as well as the non human nations Aliretar, Corékor and Legaridani. It was also the only region that regularly could claim visits by the gods themselves.
Unfortunately, all this glory was lost with the rise of a corrupted leader Gorom the Enlightened and the influence of his evil sons Anatus and Canum. Their foul influence was enough to turn the whole kingdom into dark rituals and unholy practices, culminating in the destruction of the whole kingdom through a massive flood wave.
After this, the kingdom of Ethoras was no more. It is now covered be the Ethorian Sea an the last remainders of this glorious kingdom now form the nation of Ethoressi
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Kingdom of the Gods
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute


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