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Basin of Ethora

Once being the center of the The Ethorial Lands, the Basin of Ethora was home to the great kingdom of Ethora.   Being once the kingdom where the gods themselves settled and lived with their mortal descendants, Ethora was a rich, fruitful land, with beautiful valleys, fertile plains and peacful forests.   To the north laid the Plains of Ethoressi, where wild herdes of horses roamed, in the shadow of a large mountain range, bordering the Basin of Ethora to the north and west: Apac's Hammer, a mountain full of minerals inside the northern head and laden with trees full of fruit on the southern part.   To the south laid the fertile jungle of Eni-Rathras, with fascinating animals, big, strong bovines, easily tamed by the Ethorans and put to work on their fields.   To the east the lands are less friendly. But the hotter deserts of Thiemeros are walled off by a number of high mountains, the Corékor Cliffs, with some spectacular waterfalls falling into the Basin to the west, hundreds of meters down.   It was a truly beautiful place - but it is now replaced by the Ethorian Sea, after a great cataclysm tore down parts of Apac's hammer to the west, flooding the whole basin and destroying the glorious culture there practically over night.
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