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Dragon's Forest

When you stand on the hills of Ramony and turn your eyes north, you will see the most astounding sea of trees you can ever imagine. Everything in you will wonder, how a completely ordinary forest can look so amazing and you will have the deepest desire to venture in there, to take in all the beauty this nature can offer you.

  Fight that urge. Do not venture even a step past the great hedge into the Dragon's Forest. Those who do, never come back.
The Dragon's Forest is one of the largest connected forests in the Ethorial Lands, lying between the Silverridge to the northwest and Apac's Foothills to the east. It is almost an enclave within Baradolia, but does not belong to the human nation, but rather to the reclusive, dangerous, and xenophobic Legari elves.
The southern border of this forest is marked by a giant, thorny hedge. Many carved signs from wood, bark, and bones are decorating this hedge, warning everybody in multiple languages and no uncertain terms never to venture into the woods.
Two rivers flow out of the forest to the south, the Ramotid and the Zacotie. While the Forest remains inaccessible via the Zacotie to the east, you can travel by boat upstream the Ramotid into the outer parts of the forest. In fact, the Legari living in the forest constructed a single trading outpost a few centuries ago, to allow goods they need to come into their lands.
It is a complete mystery to all outsiders, how many elves live in the forest, where their cities are and what they do with any adventurer that was not invited into their lands and entered anyway.
Or how they manage to pin these cleanly picked skeletons of those adventurers to the outside of the hedge without anybody ever witnessing it

Further Details

When visiting a small village on the outskirts of the Dragon's Forest, you should stay for the night. On clear summer nights, the sky above the forest will be light with magical lights and beautiful singing can be heard. Just do not try to follow the source of the singing.
Some high officials from Baradolia gained the invitation of the Legari to enter the forest on a diplomatic mission. They will be in need of reliable, intelligent and charismatic protectors.
A melancholic half-elf born in Baradolia wishes to return to the lands of his ancestors. He claims to know a way past the hedge.
A mining camp at the outskirts of Apac's Foothills needs more wood for their operation. The overseer tries to convince his scared workers to get wood from the great hedge.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)


Author's Notes

This is an article for prompt 1 / 30 of World Anvils SummerCamp 2018.

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