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Larania Forest

Unlike its eastern counterpart, the Ethien Forest, Larania Forest is far less frozen and crystallized. Still being one of the coldest areas of The Ethorial Lands, without being a mountaineous region, the forest offers a lot to mortals setteling here.   Even though there are regulare snow falls except for the summer, the thick canopy of the forest keeps the snow off the ground. Light from the sun may have difficulty getting through, but many luminos tree saps lighten up the pathes in a warm and magical light. Although most trees in this region are conifer, the earth is fertile and can easily support most crops. Many parts of the forest are riddled with hot springs, feeding countless of small streams, as opposed by the massive ravines in the Ethien Forest.   In fact, everything in these forests seems to be made for mortals to thrive here, despite the cold. So it is no wonder, that most villages of Ederos are found in some clearing in the middle of the woods and only very few of them along the harsh cliffs of the coasts.   Not only Humans settle here though, several small tribes of the almost sapient Grunklins have spread here, after being expelled from the eastern parts of El-Ethien. As an annoyance to the people of Ederos, those thieving little creatures are rather flourishing in the less cold areas of the forests.
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