Gold is a yellow, shiny metal that is easily workable and has been used as part of decorations and jewelry by mostly Humans and Orcs. The Dwarves value the metal as well, but prefer Palatium, Iron and Cobalt over it.
Gold can be easily found above ground, does not rust and different from other pure metals, does not change color when exposed to air over a long time. This made it valuable in early times as material for decorations and later as part of electrical machinery as well. It is often a base component in most coinage across the Ethorial Lands as well. SInce Gold can be easily worked into small, thin pieces, it can easily be used for covering surfaces.

History & Usage


The first known use of gold does date back to the time of the arrival of the gods with their followers on Skeigham. There have been found artifacts belonging to these first travelers, that already are adorned with gold. Apac himself is said to own the first royal crown, made out of iron, stone, and gold.
Gold can be found in most of Skeigham and therefore got used a lot. Its unchanging properties made it valuable for currency. Thus, even though it was rather common, it became valuable and desired. Dwarves have a rather pragmatic view towards gold and are not, contrary to popular stigmata, obsessed with owning only everything golden.
With the developing profession of the Alloymagician, gold became more iteresting in practical uses. It was almost certainly one of the many ingredients in the famous Divine Alloy.

Industrial Use

Use in Alloymagic

When used in Alloymagic, Gold can add to the magical stability of the alloy, keeping it from rusting and changing color. It does however negatively affect the hardness of the alloy, making it easily formable but comparatively soft.
The Color of Gold is non-dominant in magical alloys, attributing the yellow tint to the desired alloy does require an additional amount of magical input.
Gold in itself is an average conductor and ineffective storage of magical energy. This property does translate into most alloys, making most Gold Based magical alloys a resistor for magical energy throughput. However, magical energy can easily flow across the surface of gold and its alloys.
Gold is a very good conductor of thermal energy but, as with most metals, mediocre storage of thermal energy. Both these properties are non-dominant in all gold alloys.
Gold as a base metal is able to be fused both with ceramic materials and organic materials into a Metametallic Alloy, making it very versatile.
Medium High
Relatively Common


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