Organized in independent clans. Highly valueing the values of Honor, Loyalty and Tradition. Skilled and resillient fighters that are very attached to animals and their pets. On the other hand vengeful, aggressive and easily insulted and very territorial. Arguments usually are settled with Champion-Fights - though not necesserily to the death.   Orcs tend to have much less ration of females to males then other races. Thus femals hold their males to very high standards and tend towards accomplished, successfull or charsimatic orcs - so most of the time the leaders to be. Not that this helps, the affection of a powerful woman usually makes or destroys a leader of the orcs. Orcs are no stranger to the concept of romantic love, though the concept of monogamy and connection for life is more foreign to them.   In terms of magic use, Orcs are highly shamanistic and ritaulistic. Females tend to have a higher potential for wild magic, but this is still rarer then in other races. Thei reducation is centralized around the wisdom of shamans of the past, oral and written down as well. The average orc can read and togethe rwith dwarves they tend to be the most literate species.   Orcs live around 80 to 100 years.