Svanja knew she was not allowed out of bed. Her father would be angry with her, but she did not care. How could she stay in bed, when there are dwarves to see? Svanja Halmusdottir never had seen a dwarf and therefore she was so very anxious for days. Ever since she heard that the dwarfes from Crystal Mountain were sending a trade envoy. Right now, they are in the meeting hall, speaking to her father, Halmus Umanson. She will not stay in bed! Silently like a snowcat she snuck to the back door of the meeting hall and peaked inside. The view was odd.   They were two dwarves, both not taller then she was, and she has only seen seven winters so far. They seemed to be very fat, but this could of course be due to the many pelts the seemed to be wrapped in. Under the pelts you could barely make out two stone hammers. Both had thick, shoulder length hair in a dark blond color and their noses were big and crooked. She had seen such a crooked nose before, from a guard who told her he got hit by an agressive moose and broke his nose.   But this is already where the similarities ended. One of the dwarves, the one without a bear and a very square jar and bushy eyebrows could have passed in the tavern in town for a normal lumberjack, if he weren't so short. The other dwarf seemed to be very careful to be sparkling as much as possible. In his thick beard and his hair he had blue jewels woven into and where his companions hair was wild and unkempt, his hair was obviously oiled and in shape. He looked enourmously important and completly silly.   Svanja laughed out loud, forgetting to stay hidden. She still laughed as she was pulled into the hall by her father, who had a look on his face between bewilderment and anger. "Silence, daughter. Why are you laughing into the faces of our guests, who are here in my hall?" Halmus demanded to know. Still unable to keep a straight face, but with growing pains of guilt, Svanja answered "I am sorry father, but your guest... he reminded me so much of those silly birds in the summer, trying to impress the lady birds!"   There was a stunned silence, the dwarf with the jewels in his beard and her father lookd very angry - but then, the second dwarf stated with a roring laughter "Finally, someone else sees what a pompous geck my husband is. Children always tell the truth, Fromun, you should listen to her and finally put those jewels to better use."   Fromun looked unsure how to react and just silently slumped back into his chair. Her father sighed, and pulled Svanja to himself. "Well then, clanswoman Rionan, shall we continue?"  

The Dwarves of Clan Dinitur

These dwarves have always been very skilled in working with jewels, askill that seems almot hereditary for them. Originally a large family, most of them settled into the mountains of Vitukua's Spark and developed into their own distinct dwarven clan.   They are very fond of jewels still and their close proximity both to the humans of Ederos and Rhomedan as well as to the elves of Laraethien formed their culture into more open to trade and travel and more incoorporating of magic into the process of fashioning jewels then other dwarven clans.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Usually ending with -an or -in, for example Rionan, Gomunan, Teverin

Masculine names

Usually ending with -un or with -at, -ot, -ut, for example Fromun, Gerrat, Famrot

Family names

They usually do not have family names, since they all usualy decend from the family Dinitur. They often tend to append titles or honorifics in front and a specific craft after the name. In rare cases, the specific mountain or hall where this dwarf stems from can be added as well to avoid confusions, like "Guardsman Tromur Granitemason of the Flint-Cavern"


Common Dress code

It is not unusual for male dwarves to gild their beard with jewels. However this is a rather new trend and is still ridiculed inside the mountains. If the dwarf is representing the clan to humans however, this is becoming more customary.   Contrary to many other dwarven clans, members of Clan Dinitur do not usually wear armor all the time, butwrap themeselves into many layers of pelts. This is largley due to the cold region they settled and was first practical, later when better heating techniques were developed it became a simple status symbol, while the pelts became more luxurios.