After the separation of the reaces, the elves followed Vitukua east, in search for the Dragons, entering harsh and unforgiving terrain very soon. However after a few years some elves grew tired of this search and decided to settle in the rich lands they saw when passing through, ultimately turning back and separating from the other elves.   Those were called the Minari - originally meaning "The Undevout" in the old elven language - by the Moani ("The true devout"), and they spread throughout most of the Ethorian Basin, having more contact with the other mortal races then their breathren. Compared to Humans, a Dwarf or an Orc the Minari are still more adept with magic, but they tend more to the practical nature then the Moani, due to the influence of the other races.   They believe that the nature gives and nature takes, making it a normal thing to hunt, gather and work the lands, as long as the damage is not permanent.
Diverged ethnicities
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