Most elves are highly concerned with magic, balance and their search for perfection. The Moani however are the most extreme in this regard. In ancient times already, these were the tribes following Vitukua to the farthest edges of the worlds, meeting the dragons and learning about the world, leaving their less devout brethren behind. They spread into the harshest areas of the world, settling there to be close to the dragons, fullfilling Vitukua's whishes to learn from them about magic.   The Moani are more magical adapt then the Minari, since they needed to survive in the hot climate of the unforgiving desert or the always frozen woods of El-Ethien.   They tend to combine nature with their magical architecture, achieveing balance by coercing trees, sand and ice into their architecture without forcing unnatural states on them.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species


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