Vitukua is the favorite god of the elves and represents Change, the Cycle of Life and Balance as well as the aspects of Nature, Balance and Life and Death. The season of winter is attributed to him and last but not least the legendary dragons.   Priests of Vitukua accompany the poeple in Birth as well as in death, are convinced of the harmony with nature and living in synchronizity with the everlasting cycle of life. This does not mean the fatalistic view of everything is unchangeable: Nature itself offers ways to evolve, to change, heal, protect and help. For this reason many priests of Vitukua are passionate healers.   Besides being healers, priests of Vitukua are caregivers of peoples, animals and nature but also helpful companions in sorrow and death and last but not least passionate explorers of the wilderness. A few priests also try to explore the volatile magic of the long lost and legendary dragons.   Symbols of Vitukua are the frost, the tree and the dragon.