Look at it! The white city! The temple on the Lake! Whether you come down from the northern mountains, seeing the marvelous temple sit in the middle of Lake Arcaen surrounded by the grand city; or if you approach from the south, seeing the Alabaster Towers rise above the Obsidian Cliffs - The great city of Palankea is always a sight to behold!
The grand city of Palankea is the capital of Keandra and seat of the government, the palace of the emperor and the religious center of the nation. The city is build around Lake Arcaen, with the rivers Blueve and Zaneve feeding the very salty sea from the north and the Cryvane flowing south, over the Cryvani Falls towards the Ethorian Sea.
Most remarkable is the temple structure in the middle of the lake. The Palankean Palace is the center of power for Keandra. Around the biggest central structure - the resident of the emperor - are three medium sized structures. Those are the seats of the Keandran Council, of the High Priest of Apac and the Congregate of the Six respectively. Between them are some smaller structures, interconnected by many bridges.
The water of the lake is not drinkable, in fact, it is bad for your health to drink from it. There are rumors the whole lake is purposely flammable as a resort of defense, should ever an army try to capture the city. Large aqueducts supply a large city with water, that otherwise could not sustain itself at this position. The only reason for the city located here is the wish of the first emperor, wanting to have a location blessed by the gods. Despite the harsh conditions, Palankea is currently the largest city in the east and one of the five largest human cities in the world.
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