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Stone Citadel

Born of the fire, raised by the hammer, perfected by the forge.

Originally created and inspired by Torva, written by Requiem
As the mythril sang against the hammers of the forge in the distance, Grimlock, an aging dwarf with a crown resting on his head, patrolled the hall outside his son's room. The prince had done it, he had forged his own weapon, the weapon that inhabited his thoughts and dreams, just as the hammer in Grimlock's hand had done all those years ago. The thrum of runes sent calming waves up Grimlock's hand, but even that was not enough. As a king, he was proud. As a father, he was worried. Forging your weapon came more as a vision than the active act of setting hammer to metal. It could be dangerous and even with the watchful eyes of the ancestors upon you, more than a handful of healers remained in waiting should they be needed, especially when the one working the forge was a prince. The head healer left the chamber, greeted by the king himself.   "He rests easy now, highness."   "Good... any accidents?"   "None to be spoken of. There was a moment where the metal in the pommel threatened to crack, but the prince managed to-"   "Not the weapon, the boy! Did Braum hurt himself?"   "Ah... no sire. The boy is unharmed, just a little delirious in his addled state. He should be well rested in a few more hours."   "Thank you, Dendrin." The king placed his hand on the healer's shoulder and stepped into the room. A nearby window had been shuttered. Opening it, Grimlock let the light of the crystalline ceiling above the citadel in. It glittered gently, calmly.   "Son. My boy. Wake." Grimlock shook his son for a moment. In Braum's hand was the axe, well crafted, beyond compare, truly. "My, what a blade you've forged here."   "Deladaraugh," Braum whispered with purpose, his eyes still closed.   "What, child?"   "The axe... Deladaraugh."   Grimlock smiled. The hammer, now on the ground beside the bed, thrummed once more. Deladathro had a worthy companion... and one day, a worthy successor.


The Stone Citadel is a Dwarven kingdom founded shortly after Epiphian settlers landed in Euphoria over 700 years ago. When met with the dangers of the Glass Storms, many of the settlers retreated into the mountains, content with simply avoiding the problem rather than solving it. The demographic makeup of those settlers who took hold of the mountain's underbelly were a variety of Dwarves, Drow, Dragonborn, and others suited for such an environment. They were the settlers who had originally intended to take the mountains for what they were worth, but instead found a safe haven.   The Stone Citadel resembles a normal Dwarven society and as such, its people live for metalworking, forging, and all manner of craft. Craftsmen with true skill are favored highly in the Stonetouched society, as many of the nobles make their riches through the sheer quality of their work. Then the journeymen apprentices find their calling from all walks of life, but must usually be chosen by a master craftsman before they can take on a shop of their own.   The poor of the Stone Citadel are few as the kingdom does what it can to employ those who are able to work and takes care of those who cannot, such as the ill and infirm. However, failed craftsman or those who simply refuse to contribute or work for their own well-being are seen as less than, pushed to the ground as that is where they appear to be determined to stay. The Stone Citadel does not abide those who refuse to use their strengths and skills for whatever purpose.


The Stone Citadel is the capital city of the Dwarven Kingdom of Bathelor, named for a great king of the homeland. Its ruler, King Grimlock, is a fair and just ruler. Beneath him is a council of sorts, a group of advisors that shore up his weaknesses. While he is a valiant warrior and a competent strategist, his patience for politics and the nature of the nobility grow thinner as the years pass. Grimlock believes, just as his ancestors did, that physical accomplishments in life matter a great deal. The nobles of the Stone Citadel, despite their skill and talents, do not live up to this ideal, wishing to instead live only for the few brief moments of astounding displays of skill that earned them their riches in the first place.   But while the nobility can be insufferable, the true backbone of the Stone Citadel and of Bathelor itself is the people, the individuals in the shops, the forges, the innkeepers and bartenders, the soldiers, the families. They are who Grimlock and his family line live for. These individuals work to maintain the kingdom and without them, the crown on Grimlock's head would mean nothing. As such, all towns, villages, or outer settlements under the rule of the kingdom are meant to hold monthly meetings in order to determine their needs, wishes, and hopes for the future of the kingdom, as well as their local areas. Each month, Grimlock reads the monthly minutes from all of his people, doing his best to give them what they require.   Though the influence flows down from one figure, the king knows that to stand on the mountain, he needs the ground beneath him.


The natural defenses of living under the Glass Storm Mountains provide the Stonetouched with an incredible ability to survive nearly any attack, as well as being able to survive sieges almost indefinitely. The city is also layered so that the lesser developed sections may be evacuated into the more well protected ones. Common folk live confidently knowing that the city itself is safe and well protected, but should any attack breach the outer defenses, the inner defenses, bridges, ballista, magic cannons, and other commonplace defense mechanisms will almost assuredly stop any attacker, regardless of size and intent. It isn't referred to as the Stone Citadel for no reason.

Industry & Trade

The Stone Citadel, as well as nearly all of the Bathelorian cities, seek trade with the nearby countries, especially the Kingdom of Wind, which relies on trade with the Stone Citadel in particular to exist at all. Without the natural resources of the Citadel, the Kingdom of Wind would be an empty land, shredded by the ever growing threat of the Glass Storms.   The Citadel trades many of their technological marvels and raw resources to the City of Glass, as well as sending caravans through it in order to retrieve crops from the surface that may not grow underground. They also trade for access to fish, various sea creatures, and to send their wares further out into island territories and back to the homeland of Epiphany itself.


The Stone Citadel, as well as all of the cities and towns within the kingdom of Bathelor, exemplifies the true industrious nature of the Dwarf and his allies. From the indoor plumbing and running waterways to the rudimentary use of steam, electricity, and arcane power, the Stone Citadel is the technological marvel of its time. The ever burning lantern lights that line the roadways give a warmth to the city unlike the lights of Glass and individual homes now stay lit well into the night; steam based railways now help to automate the mining done beneath the city; the crystalline ceiling of the Stone Citadel shines with arcane power and various large crystal formations act as a miniature sun, simulating a day night cycle as needed, without harming the residents of the Citadel.   It is also said that the Stone Citadel has begun to experiment with a rather explosive concoction, a black powder of sorts...


The Stone Citadel boasts a healthy mythril vein, as well as numerous other ores, minerals, and crystals.
Inhabitant Demonym

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Author's Notes

This city was first created by my player Torva. The name of the city, as well as the name of the ruler and his son (as well as his son's axe) were all written by Torva, but the rest of the article is lore and content created by me, Requiem. It's been a lot of fun pulling ideas and inspiration from what he originally started with! Thanks Torva!

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