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Crest Fall

Crest Fall is the name of a research and development mecca that rose out of the efforts, and for the efforts, of the Archano-Tech revolution. Located north of the capital, it had originally been a rather seclude area.   The name Crest Fall comes from the actual location of the research center. There is a mountain nearby that had experienced some unknown geological event, and a giant scoop out of the side is missing and turned into rubble that covers the valley floor. The mountain, from any other side, is a gradual, yet steady, assent until you finally reach its peak. But where the scoop is missing, is a sheer cliff hundreds of feet straight up (or down depending on perspective).   There have been lingering rumors that the side of the mountain had been blasted away during a massive battle between spell casters. Others have laid the suspicion directly at the feet of the gods, though not even the Twin Gods, in all of their benevolence, would, or could, give the answers to what had happened exactly.   The tribes of man, in their stereotypically superstitious habit of doing, blamed it on the stars for such destruction. And they typically avoided the whole region, even before tensions rose between the races.   Given the area had already been pretty devastated and was naturally void of development because of the difficulty of doing so, it was used regularly by the magic inclined races as a proving ground of sorts. Or, most specifically, where they could test out magics in an area that would hurt the least amount of people if and when it went haywire. And it had served as such right up into, and through, the Archano-Tech revolution.   It was here, at Crest Fall, that the Archano-Tech Revolution got its start. It was here that the first Spell Key were made. And, as the advancements continued to roll through, they expanded on the facilities to do their research. Because, after all, who wants to sleep outside among the rubble of a half collapsed mountain? If they were going to be there long enough, might as well do so comfortably.   Construction began with fervor. And the first automatons created in Crest Fall were used to help the construction process. The area had been left barren because of its thick scattered sharp rocky nature. However, the automatons never complained about grabbing one piece after another and hauling them off to growing mountains of debris. And the piles continued to grow as they cleared more and more land for construction.   And then, even those debris mounds found use, as building materials, as paving stones, building blocks, and aggregate used in concrete. The resource was readily available and, doing it this way, simultaneously helped them clear even more land in the process.   What started out as a few practically expendable buildings, partially reinforced to at least contain haywire magics, continued to grow. All the way to, and through, the End Days war.   The location’s rapid growth, along with a large portion of it’s discoveries, especially the early ones, were credited to an Elven genius named Eve Nightfall the Prismatic Quill. Her early contributions got everyone else started. And her continued efforts kept the growing compound growing and productive through-out the war.

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